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Wednesday 30 April 2014

State of the Street - April

April on Coronation Street certainly had its moments, didn't it?

Peter's off the wagon. Phelan's making our skin crawl (and I don't think we've seen the last of him just yet). Everyone's crowding into a gym the size of the Rovers' back room. Carla's up the duff. Maddie and Sophie's relationship continues to baffle me. Maria's going off the rails. Steve is keeping a big secret from Michelle.

All this in more detail at State of the Street.

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forwards to not seeing the end of Phelan; I love the way the actor conveys threat; just by the look in his eyes, he's really good.
Sophie and Maddie; well for the first time I used the "CC while in Mute" button; cannot stand to hear those two, especially while in contact with Kevin and Sally; even Sally's escalated high pitched whining when she's annoyed is finally beginning to get to me.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I can cope with the dreadful actors in Corrie if they only pop up in other people's lives. It's when they're given major storylines that it comes unstuck. Boring characters + mediocre actors + unbelievable plots = tv hell. Sophie falls into this category. I guess it might have worked out ok if Kevin had stuck around, but Sophie and Maddie are adrift again. Wait for Maddie's old pals to find she's living in the perfect spot for rave parties, and I can't see the character staying long. Can Sophie leave with her?

abbyk said...

Implausable Street, I think that's the current state. There is so much unbelievable right now. Nick still using training instead of counseling (although it did get lip service once this week), and acting like a teenager with Leanne; how's that working? Kal & Leanne, another instant romance between unlikely adults. Phelan the Big Bad Baddie, Evil Val, and the implausible situation Owen, Gary and Anna find themselves in is OTT enough for an American soap (which is why I started with Corrie in the first place). And then there's the completely inexplicable: Dennis' return and subsequent disappearance, everything about Maddie, Maria's personality shift. Stevie in the middle of Peter's drunken night and yet another secret competition with Lloyd are a break from Michelle but still paint him as a buffoon; keeping shtum about Tina's affair is his only grasp of normalcy. Right now, Deirdre, Dev and Chesney are the only characters who seem grounded, yikes. Oh yeah, and mazel tov, Rob & Tracy. **stepping off soapbox**

Anonymous said...

abbyk, I appreciate your 'soap-box' stance; you said all the things I too find wrong with what used to be my favourite soap( although I seem to dimly remember CS being referred to long ago as a "folk opera").
As different as chalk and cheese to an American soap; now sadly, this is not the case and not a compliment by any means.
Even the world of soaps is too small these days.

Upintheattic said...

Humpty Dumpty, on the weekend I saw a conversation with Blackburn, he feels Maddie is a keeper and as long as he is affilliated with Corrie...she stays! So unless that was a fake conversation, she IS here for the long haul, as is Sophie. So sad, I miss our mon, wed, fri. routine of dinner and Corrie

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Phelam look like an older version of Owen? Long-lost bro perhaps?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Diane LaPointe: That man is not to be trusted! Look what SB says about Maddie: "Short of [a] writer bringing in another story that I haven't expected, or Amy wanting to go, the character of Maddie will be here as long as I'm here." So basically he's keeping his options open. After all, he told Michelle Keegan that Tina wouldn't be killed off. Anyway, it's just wishful thinking on my part that Sophie and Maddie will leave.

Read more:

Upintheattic said...

Humpty, I wish there was a petition, or at least fans having a say. I don't understand how it all works, but I do understand when I see how bad the show is now, how incompetent the writing (and I use that term lightly!!) is, and I can't help wonder how do the actor's feel about all of this? They must be utterly frustrated, and embarrassed with the weak and absurd lines they are fed.


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