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Sunday 20 April 2014

Corrie Weekly awards for April 14 - 18

Pants on Fire award: Not only is Peter hiding his affair, he's twisting his lies around to cover his drinking again.

Off the hook for now award:
Phelan has given back the damning CCTV evidence. But who knows if he still has copies?

Mug award: Kevin may end up regretting letting Sophie and Maddie live under his roof.

Good old days award:
Maria is realizing she let a good man go.

Ambiance award: Living on a Prayer when Maria saw Jason and Todd in the pub.

In Bed with the Devil award: Not sure getting involved with Tony is going to be a good move for Rob and Tracy.

Bad Babysitter award: Of all the people to ask to keep an eye on Peter, Tina!

Do the Math award: Maria has an anonymous phone. We see her send a text. Tyrone gets a text he thinks is from Kirsty minutes later. Maria looks uncomfortable when she finds out. Do the math.

Lines of the week:
Phelan 'Ask not what your gaffer can do for you, ask what you can do for your gaffer.'
Simon 'Grandma Deirdre says that Peter can talk his way out of a room with no doors.'
Tyrone 'It is literally a drinking problem'
Carla to Simon 'I could tell you stories that could make your hair curl if it wasn't already'
Peter "Maybe I'm stick of this perfect husband routine"
Todd "When he was with you he was thinking of me" and "You're pretty, you're vapid and you're desperate"
Carla "Steve's with him" Rob "That's like leaving the monkey in charge of the bananas"
Mary "My single whip is a sight to behold"
Carla "Poor me, poor me, pour me another drink!"
Tina "Do you think there's anywhere else i want to be right now?" Peter "Dentist? having a root canal? Better t han being on alkie-watch"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Absolutely pointless return award: Now really why is Dennis back again especially as he is to leave for good in a few weeks? More sanctimony from Rita and grovelling apologies and eye darting from Dennis – totally needless, ridiculous and repetitive . Should have just stayed gone with Gloria.

Bonkers award: Maria lost Liam the father of her child and Tony Gordon his killer tried to kill her but it’s her break up with decent but gay man Marcus that has sent this dim wit over the edge. She has slept with most of the men in the street, now she is back to Tyrone. Time to axe her writers.

Keep fit award: The gym built on a street where everyone’s diet is beer, kebabs, greasy hotpots and a fry from Roy’s and where the trainer/owners idea of a work out is to run to the end of the Street and back.

No brain award: Now I could have had some sympathy with Peter who is just weak and flawed but sleeping again with Teenar so soon after her pregnancy scare? That is pure madness. She aint that irresistible

Pointless character of the week award: What really is the point of Tracy, she just sits in the Rovers all day and makes nasty remarks. Now the dozy pair are going to sell Tony’s dodgy gear – just the thing to do Rob when you are out on licence. Stupid stuff.

Weird and annoying award: Now I liked Andrea at first but there is something not quite right about the woman with that scary grin and the way she pitches up all the time.

Sulky moosh award: Now we have to put up with Anna’s miserable face, hunched shoulders and bad attitude. Lets move on from this story now please.

Muriel Ducks said...

Great posting Frosty, agree but don't write Tracey off just yet.

My award is the Selective Memory Award and goes to Maria and anyone who sees her as a poor innocent little victim.
Yes she is pretty, big eyes and flicks her hair a lot but... she dumped Tyrone because he did'nt look boyband enough & walked all over Jason (twice). She slept with John who was Toyah's boyfriend and later with Charlie while he was seeing Tracey. Having her set her sights on Marcus she spilt him from Aiden.
Maria herself said in recent episode as she refocused on Tyrone "I am as bad as Todd"... No you are not! You are much worse!

Anonymous said...

Although she's not perfect,in Maria's defense,Jason did cheat on her once with Candice[Sarah's friend]and Tyrone the supposed 'good guy'also cheated on Maria with Fiz when they were engaged to be married.No wonder Maria is having a breakdown,every man she meets ends up treating her badly! Fiz her so called friend who recently had a temper tantrum because she was kept in the dark about Hayley's suicide also kept Maria in the dark about Todd and Marcus who I believed was only interested in Maria so he can be a father to Liam.

Anonymous said...

Give that man a long do we have to watch Michelle's mental abuse of Steve? It's really not on. If it was a female character being bullied by her partner, there'd be a lot to answer for.

Anonymous said...

Well at least Maria has something to do for a change. And her kid was even out of the cupboard for once.

Anonymous said...

Andrea and Tony should hook up, they are equally confusing.


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