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Monday 28 April 2014

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Monday 28 April

MONDAY 28TH APRIL 2014 at 7.30pm
FIZ GROWS JEALOUS OF TYRONE AND MARIA Fiz watches suspiciously as Tyrone quietly tells Maria that he’s had another text from Kirsty. Scrolling through Tyrone’s phone, she’s furious when she discovers the latest message from Kirsty but when she finds out Tyrone’s already shown the text to Maria, how will she react?
KAL’S THROWN INTO DISARRAY BY NICK AND LEANNE Not wanting to hurt Nick’s feelings, Leanne says she’ll think about his suggestion of a family holiday with her and Simon. An excited Nick tells Kal that Leanne has decided to give him another chance but where does that leave Kal?
SOPHIE GIVES MADDIE A REALITY CHECK Sophie’s angry when Maddie kicks off at Dev in the shop and tells her she needs to start behaving better if she wants people to treat her better.
ELSEWHERE Sinead is worried when Beth excitedly tells her and Chesney about her forthcoming operation in Latvia. Steve talks Dev into doing the 5k charity run with him, telling him how much he wants to beat Lloyd in the charity race.

MONDAY 28TH APRIL 2014 at 8.30pm
MARIA COMES TO TYRONE’S RESCUE Maria’s secretly chuffed when Tyrone tells her that Fiz is jealous of their relationship. David warns Maria that she’s playing a dangerous game and realising his right she tells Tyrone it’s time to go home. But as Tyrone goes to hug her, Fiz enters the pub. How will she react seeing Tyrone in Maria’s arms?
KAL AND LEANNE MAKE A HUGE SACRIFICE In the gym, Kal puts Nick and Steve through their paces but when Kal winds Nick up, he loses his temper and knocks Steve to the ground. When Leanne finds out how Kal goaded Nick she’s furious. Has Kal lost Leanne for good?
MADDIE’S THROWN A LIFELINE BY KEVIN Sally’s shocked to learn that Kevin’s dashed off to Germany as Bill’s broken his leg.  She’s furious to learn that not only has he left the girls alone at No.13, he’s offered Maddie a job valeting cars at the garage.
ELSEWHERE Steph persuades Chesney to buy Sinead a figure-hugging, tarty dress with the money Beth gave him but will Sinead be as impressed with this gift?

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abbyk said...

Kal and Leanne had a couple of glances and one kiss. She's still married. And has a kid. He's been happily married. Lost her for good? Did I miss something or are they a couple of 12 year olds despairing over their first crush?

Maddie is 17. If she were truly unredeemable, she'd be kicked to the curb. If she had a shred of an upbringing, she'd grasp please, thank you, and don't bite the hand that feeds you. She isn't stupid. What is this?

I've already soapboxed about Maria today - oy! Right now, Corrie isn't an escape from reality. It's a pathway to hell. There had better be some good Deirdre-isms or Street Car banter to smooth over this mess.

Anonymous said...

Sally is furious Kevin left the girls alone??? Sophie is 21 years old not 5 ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I used to be mildly irritated at the obviousness, when Corrie played simultaneous storylines, one upbeat, one down, with alternating scenes throughout an episode. Now I long for those good old days! Where the hell is the upbeat portion?!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:14...Absolutely right!

Anonymous said...

Agree..stop writing Sophie's character as if she was a toddler for godsake. Where's her money? Surely she could have afforded a B&B for a couple of days until they were sorted. Such a load of tripe from start to end. I guess we viewers are too overwhelmed with the return of the mighty mouthed Kevin to notice that the Sophie/Maddie thing should've been binned before it ever started.

Anonymous said...

One day they'll find, and revolve a story line around this, that Sophie sustained a brain injury in that accident.
She's so child-like and I very much dislike her story lines for what that's worth.


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