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Sunday 13 April 2014

Corrie Weekly Awards for April 7 - 11

Smarmy Git award: That new Clive fella on the building site.

Rock and a hard place award: Marcus isn't supposed to have anything to do with Liam but there was nobody else to pick him up.

Fashion no way! Michelle had her bra strap hanging down her arm. Ew.

Master maniplator award: Phelan's indecent proposal. why did Anna even entertain the idea? For Gary, that's why.

Bleeding Heart award: Sophie is determined to cling to Maddie even if it means sleeping on the streets. Surely she's not that desperate to be in love?

Fallout award: Steve and Andrea. Now where would this be leading?

Lines of the Week:
Carla "I always had me old mate Merlot riding shotgun"
Eva "I know when someone's starin' at me, I've had years of practice"
Todd "I can't help it if I'm damaged"
Eileen "What's it like on cloud cuckoo land Julie. I really must go there on me holidays"
Gary "You should have made sure Phelan was *in* the mill before setting fire to it"
Liz to Steve "You could do with some nuts" (for bar snacks, you lot!)
Owen to Anna "What you've done for this family...." (You'll never know. Or maybe you will)

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abbyk said...

The Long Arm of Soap Justice Award: Anna Windass. While you're wallowing in disgust for what you did FOR Gary, take a moment to remember what you did TO Joe McIntyre. You can slap on all the pink your heart desires, you're still the skank who led to the downfall of a decent man. Owen, Gary, Tracy, tread carefully. Wonder what will happen when Gail finds out?

Slacker of the Week: Jenna. The gym opened. You are a trained physio. Why are you slinging hash?

Flip Flops: Mean Maria. A spat with a friend is believable. A simple sweet mom becoming a vengeful witch because she broke up with her boyfriend is not.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Abby!

MC said...

Jenna had her physio licence banned didn't she?

Mad Hatter said...

Lets not forget that Anna and Owen tried to bully Tim and threatened him to leave the area. Owen acting like some hired thug for Anna. Now its their turn to be bullied and intimidated.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Owen also have Jim MacDonald beaten to a pulp and put him in hospital?

Anonymous said...

With regards to Jim McDonald,a bully in his own right who beat up Vernon [can't remember his last name]out of jealousy because he was marrying Liz,Owen at the time gave Jim a dose of his own medicine!I bet we'll see Jim bullying Jason's dad Tony too because he's dating Liz!
As for Anna,she had nothing to do with Joe Mcintyre, that was her brother Len and her husband Eddie!If anyone is a skank it is Joe Mctintyre's daughter Tina whose affair will lead to the downfall of a good man, Peter Barlow.

Anonymous said...

Well as regards to Tina being a 'skank' you have the writers to blame for that.
Most viewers realize that Tina was never like that throughout her time on the street, I would say just the opposite. She's just been made out to be a femme fatale..out of convenience I suppose because she's leaving.

Anonymous said...

Tina and Marcus are in the same boat, I'm afraid. Characters destroyed to "quickly" get them off the Street. So many less perverse options but too easy to sell sex on TV.

Anonymous said...

How ridiculous is it that Jenna had her physio license banned so she could be with loser Sophie and now they've split up and her career is down the toilet when she might otherwise have had a decent opportunity. Sophie is certainly not worth all that!

Anonymous said...

We've seen Maria deal with mental health issues before, so while it's not nice to see her wig out, it certainly can't be that much of a surprise. After all, we've seen her in the Rover's in her pyjamas and playing house with the murderer of her husband.

Anonymous said...

Jenna certainly is a non-happening kind of character. She's been relegated from a promising beginning ( if you can call being Sophie's girl friend special)with a profession, to appearing as no more than an extra, looming behind the cafe counter.
I'm sure they'll do something with her, but you have to wonder why she was dreamed up in the first place.

NZ Coro Junkie said...

Jenna's physio licence has been revoked, but she could still do remedial massage at the gym


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