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Tuesday 8 April 2014

Dennis Tanner returns - beaten up and sleeping rough

In next week's Coronation Street, Dennis Tanner returns.  He's been beaten up and Rita is pictured visiting him in hospital.  But what's gone on, Corrie fans and why has he come back?

The previews for next Friday night,  April 18 say that: "Rita's shocked to learn that Dennis is in hospital after being beaten up. She goes to visit him and tells him he has some explaining to do."

And for the second episode next Friday night it says: "Rita's unsympathetic when Dennis tells her how it all went wrong with Gloria and he ended up sleeping on the streets but she later allows him to stay on her sofa, making it clear it's only temporary."

With Tina's upcoming murder much on my Corrie-fan mind, I'm wondering if Dennis has been brought back to be involved in Tina's murder storyline somehow.  Might he even be the one to do her in?

Would Rita take him back in, though?  Really?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Oh for goodness sakes - why hoik him back again after that exit with Glo in the e-type? More tiresome begging Rita for her forgiveness - we have been here before a dozen times. Not looking forward to it.

AmandaB said...

Well I for one hope he's back to stay. But please give them some proper stories of their own this time, or at least give them some airtime just simply in their home with some of the age old Corrie 'going nowhere dialogue'.

njblas said...

Couldn't agree more Amanda! But I fear it's just a short reprieve. Terrible way to treat a bona fide Corrie legend:(

Anonymous said...

What a disappointing storyline and sad way to treat an original character. Shame to see him turned into a snivelling sofa surfer with tail forever between his legs. Smelloid

Just saying said...

Dame Rita will let him back in to lord it over him. There should be a sign on her door...leave testicles in jar please.
I too feel it is insulting to the character and the actor - even if he is given the honors of killing Tina.
How do these writers view women at all? Michelle dragging Steve in the street by the ear, Rita verbally abusing Dennis, Sally treating Tim like a child. Where does it end. I would like to see female writers on the show....not what is being presented now.

Anonymous said...

Why are they going down this road again? It's been done and dusted.

David Parsnips said...

Just like the Tina scenario - big thing made about them "leaving", they go and should stay gone but they bring em back again - er for what? I liked Dennis but once you are gone you are gone. I dont want to see him emasculated by Queen Rita yet again thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh please, give me strength. Corrie is really, really starting to suck lemons!

John McE said...

Ha! Judging by the photo Rita is has morphed into Meg Richardson! Noele Gordon patented that pained look off into half distance!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what all that says about how the writers see men too, just saying


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