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Friday, 10 January 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 10 January

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 10TH JANUARY 2014 at 7.30pm

THE PRESSURE ON ROY FINALLY OVERWHELMS HIM Roy’s terrified when the doctor prescribes more morphine for Hayley. Knowing she’s planning her final curtain, Roy heads to Freshco to buy more of Hayley’s favourite strawberries. But when he realises they’ve sold out, how will he react?
PETER DESPERATELY SEEKS NEWS OF TINA Peter’s clearly rattled when the factory girls discuss Tina’s abrupt departure. Desperate for news of Tina, Peter corners Liz in the Rovers, but when Carla spots their conversation getting heated, will she question what’s going on?
JASON SOFTENS TOWARDS HIS DAD Eva encourages Jason to give Tony a chance. He agrees to meet Tony at the Bistro on Monday night, forgetting that Eileen’s arranged Todd’s birthday meal at the same venue.
ELSEWHERE Steve’s outraged by Michelle’s sex ban and Audrey’s miffed when Kylie reveals that Maria’s gone to view a house.

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 10TH JANUARY 2014 at 8.30pm
ROY WORRIES ABOUT LIFE WITHOUT HAYLEY Roy’s furious when the assistant refuses to sell him the strawberries which are past their sell-by date and tries to make a run for it with them. He’s tackled to the ground by a security guard but will Hayley see the funny side of his ordeal?
CARLA BECOMES SUSPICIOUS Carla demands to know what Peter and Liz are arguing about. Peter splutters a cock and bull story, which Carla accepts. Carla wonders if Tina left because of Rob and decided to confront him.
TONY’S PRESENCE UNNERVES EILEEN Todd’s amused as Jason informs Eileen that he’s inadvertently invited Tony to their family meal.  Recognising its importance to Jason, Eileen’s resigned.
ELSEWHERE Steve tells Michelle he refuses to consider a vasectomy and Audrey wishes Maria well when she admits that she and Marcus are buying a house.

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Anonymous said...

hey peter, maybe worry that leanne has a black eye? remember, you were hitting on her last year? who cares now that tina skipped town. geez, this doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

A "sex ban"?! Is Michelle really that stupid, or is she deliberately trying to destroy their relationship? Coming on top of her belittling, insulting, jealous and otherwise nasty behaviour, this will be the final straw if Steve has any backbone left.

MJW said...

Cheater Peter is on his game ... Again! Karma is a witch named Karla ... She is getting her just dessert after stealing cheater Peter from Leanne.

NZ Coro Junkie said...

I wonder whether Michelle is going through premature menopause. That would explain her appallingly foul moods.

It would also be a panacea for her pregnancy-phobia.

What's the bet she finds out only after Steve has taken up with Andrea...

Dilly Daydream said...

I agree with MJW, I can't feel even slightly sorry for Carla, what goes around comes around. And anyway, when did Carla become so stupid?

Not liking this business with Roy, I would much prefer him to show stronger stuff and accept that he is losing his loved one, not going out throwing wobblies over strawberrys.

Anonymous said...

Leanne was screwing Nick when she was with Peter.

Carla worships the ground he walks on and after everything she has done for him, I think the way he has treated her is pretty disgusting.

I adore the Carla/Hayley scenes. I'm really going to miss them.


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