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Monday 13 January 2014

Kal's muslim family to join Coronation Street

Coronation Street's new personal trainer Khalid will be getting a family on the show when his dad, mam, son and daughter move in.

Kal will become more prominent on screen over the next few months as he will go into business with Dev to open a gym at the Victoria Court complex.

Coronation Street's produer Stuart Blackburn says: "We've established that Kal, his son and his daughter live with Kal's mum and dad. We're going to see his mum, dad and his children - we're probably going to bring them onto the street and they'll be the first Muslim family that Corrie has ever had."

On Kal's dad Sharif, he added: "Sharif retired some time ago. He isn't rich, but he'd made enough money. We imagine that there were some health problems and his wife said, 'Now you're no longer going to go to work 12 hours a day!'"

Kal's dad will be played by actor Marc Anwar.  The rest of Kal's family have yet to be cast.

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Peter said...

Hope they don't make Kal's family slightly oddball or aloof in the way TV often portrays ethnic minorities.

I can't stand the dreadfully-patronising Kumars, but back on Corrie, Sunita'a aunts, yes, the older generation - but think they were seen as too typical.

Elsewhere, saw Friday's two eps last night. Thought the scene with Roy in the shop was pathetic. Why do the producers make him out to be SO odd?! When he fell over, I was getting REALLY angry!

Tyrone's got no Kevin, no Tommy, yet he can take Monday morning off to trek off to Birmingham with Kirk. No.

Anonymous said...

EE's old dead storylines popping up on Corrie now?

Ping Pong Poon said...

I think having a Muslim family is a very good idea, so long as they dont have him running after Leanne Battersby or horror of horrors Liz McDonut as a Muslim brother would just not behave in that way.

Anonymous said...

Um Peter you missed the point so many times. Roy IS "unusual" - not everyone in the world is alike. Add to this he was extremely stressed and overwhelmed and him losing it like that was very realistic.
Also, Tyrone probably had to shut the garage to go with Kirk but he did it for Hayley, he was being caring, it's not like he did it on a whim.

Tvor said...

But where are they going to put them? Maybe there's a really big three bedroom flat in Victoria Court? I wonder if they'll take over the Butcher Shop and open something there?

Anonymous said...

Corrie was brilliant with Hayley's demise, but now the only decent soap will surely slump in the ratings war. Nothing wrong with a 'few' new faces (despite colour), but 'muslim' famlies have this uncanny habit of expanding whereupon any story line confusing - look what happened to EE? I merely blinked & 10 new faces appeared! the plot was lost....
After a hard day's work I enjoyed my Corrie alas, saddo I'm not but I do pay a TV licence (British) but now deprived of a 'once' brilliant soap which I could follow. Am I the only one who can state: ...same culture overtaking.

Shocked Christian said...

I am converted. I don't normally watch Corrie but have just seen it for the first time in months. I always thought muslims were strict in their approach to morality yet it seems that the daughter likes to spend her time in nightclubs, dressed in prvocative clothes, drinking and picking up non-muslim boys. The son is sleeping with a married woman who is also a non-muslim ans the mother stays out at night, in the library, alone with another man.


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