Saturday, 11 January 2014

Coronation Street spoilers for spring 2014

Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has been revealing some forthcoming Corrie spoilers for this spring. So here we go with them all, just for you!

There's going to be a "massive" storyline for the Windasses where it looks like their fortunes have completely turned around and they may finally make something of themselves - but that doesn't go to plan. It will change Anna's life forever. Debbie Rush, who plays Anna says: "I think it goes through the whole of the year. Anna has a horrible time and it gets worse. The Windasses think it's going to be amazing. They think they're going to have an amazing year ahead, but they don't! Anna is very vulnerable, but she's very solid on the front and she's very protective. We see her being very protective with Roy, with her family, her children and with Owen.  While she's busy being strong and trying to hold everything together, everything fractures more and more around her. Anna would go to the ends of the earth to protect her family, and that's what we'll see."

Jason's dad Tony will become embroiled with Tracy and Rob as they try to take Barlow's Buys to the next level. Stuart Blackburn says this about Tony: "He's the sort of guy where if you really need something, he can find you it. He's going to get involved with Rob and Tracy and they may have bitten off more than they can chew with him."

Big year for the Barlows as members of the Barlow family will be suspects in Tina's murder later this year and the consequences of the Peter/Tina affair will take us right through until Christmas.

Maria Connor will have a mental breakdown when her world is ripped apart. Maria's downward spiral is linked to her relationship trouble with Marcus but will also be a storyline in its own right.

Maddie and Sophie will be given a long-running storyline with the actress who plays Maddie, being likened to Katherine Kelly, who played Becky Granger.

Steph in the Bistro will get a brother called Luke who starts work at the garage. "We're going to build up Steph," Stuart Blackburn explains. "She's working at the Bistro and she lights up the screen every time. Her brother Luke is young and very, very driven. He's made some choices in the past - think of a young kid growing up in Moss Side and all of the attendant issues that are dealt with there. He's turned his back on that. He's absolutely determined, very overprotective of Steph and very successful with the ladies." 

Kevin's return will see him annoyed with Sally's relationship with Tim and having to referee Sally and Sophie as Sophie's relationship with Maddie continues

A new Corrie hunk

Corrie are looking to introduce a new hunk to the cobbles at some point this year. Blackburn said: "We've got a long-term conference coming up. [We want] somebody mid-to-late 30s with the swagger of Liam Gallagher." 

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Anonymous said...

Sounds a bit dull to me!

Anonymous said...

The spoilers are a bit vague, had to laugh over Kevin being "annoyed" with Sally's relationship with Tim, nothing unpredictable there then.
Oh Maria, I suppose it's time she had another featured story line, I don't love her as a character and I most certainly am not looking forwards to Sophie and Maddie; Maddie better get a lot more interesting, Sophie's dull as can be and Maddie's character is horrible right now.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Guessing that the consequences of the Peter/Tina affair through to next Christmas means Carla having a break-down. She can keep Maria company.

Doesn't sound like Kevin is coming back with a partner if he has time to grumble about Tim. Surely they can find a better storyline for him beyond the family.

Although it hasn't been mentioned, I do hope this is the year that Tracy leaves. I don't care if she defies soap law and gets off scot-free (from whatever it is) and leaves in a blaze of glory. Just go.

Diane LaPointe said...

Sounds VERY dull to me. I wish the writers or someone associated with Corrie would read all of these blogs and comments. They appear to not care about their sloppy writing and unimaginative story lines. So depressing, because we love this show.

Joseph said...

Windasses - That's too cryptic to be a spoiler! Can we have actual spoilers please? And stop using the word 'massive,' Stuart Blackburn. Or 'explosive' for that matter.

Tony - Never would have put him in a story with Rob & Tracy so that has potential.


Maria - I can't see just the upcoming Marcus/Todd affair being enough to send her into a nervous breakdown. Maybe couple that with her losing her job because Audrey is forced to close the salon. And then maybe Liam falls over and the school raises concerns about her hitting him instead. All these could then add together to cause the nervous breakdown.

Maddie & Sophie - KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! BOTH OF THEM!!!

Steph & Luke - Steph does fit in with the Bistro so I'm happy to keep her around. Just don't give her scenes with Katie (who really should go now). And I'll reserve judgement on Luke.

Kevin - predictable.

Hunk - Yeah, great idea. BECAUSE THEY'VE WORKED SO WELL IN THE PAST!!! *headdesk*

Newfy Pearl said...

Don't the writers know we are sick of Kevin pining over Sally. Give him a woman and a life please.
No mention of Steve and the gang....very disappointing.
Tina murder story....can't say it will be enjoyable when the victim is in London....maybe she can spend a week or two in Albert Square. lol

Anonymous said...

Didn't Maria have a breakdown when Liam died and then ended up in a relationship with his killer? How are they going to improve on that - get her to kill Todd while framing Jason's father for it?

Lucky us, Kevin is returning to do the same boring crap he was up to before he left - good thing they didn't write him out, as he's clearing integral to the show.

Anonymous said...


Ty Stewz said...

To be honest I think that they haven't revealed much on purpose thus making it sound dull and uninteresting. They don't want to spoil much until nearer the time or maybe not at all until transmission. But viewer ratings can suffer at the hand of it because it isn't enticing. They need a new producer ASAP imho. Kieran Roberts is still the Exec Prod. but I wonder how much say he actually has..

njblas said...

And this load of depressing, predictable claptrap is meant to have us on the edge of our seats? Well, maybe only to reach for the remote to change channels:)

Newfy Pearl said...

I was just thinking...Maria is only close with Audrey. She only fits in with Carla and Michelle when it suits them. How is this story going to play out. Maybe she will hide out in her apartment like Tina did when her dad died....but aside from Liam's child minder (who does look after him while she works?) who is going to notice she is not there. Afterall...Maria disappears from our screens for weeks without any mention of her even on here!

Anonymous said...

All those people saying this sounds dull are exactly the reason why we keep getting ridiculous storylines. Apart from Tina's murder, there is no mention of crime or affairs, so it sounds alright to me.

Maria having a breakdown, if it's done well, could be both gripping and educational.

Hannah said...

Don't get what's going to happen for the windasses

NZ Coro Junkie said...

Apparently Samia Ghadie that she hoped Maria would get back with Tyrone when Marcus leaves.

Please, no, just leave Fix and Tyrone alone!! They are a couple that works. Can't we focus on some family issues for a change rather than destroying family units. Surely there are all sorts of interesting issues that can arise in a blended unit like their one? I'd rather they bring Kirsty back than have Maria messing them around.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time you gave nik and Leanne a good life together there's not one couple in Corrie that has a nice life together its getting to much



Anonymous said...

I wish they'd get rid of Chesney's drippy girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight,Hayley who died recently is all but forgotten[except by Roy and Fiz] by her 'friends' but yet we're going to hear about Tina's murder until next Christmas?!Give me a break especially after remembering how Tina took advantage of the time Carla was spending with Hayley to sleep with Peter.

Anonymous said...

Maddie and Sophie - yaayyy!
Cool that the writers like new girl Maddie a lot and that she gets this storyline with Soph. Amy Kelly is such an acting talent - she seems to lift Brooke's acting as well - which some actors can do.
Love her and her role Maddie - a very interesting and outflashed character

Anonymous said...

I have already had enough of Sophie and Maddie so why drag it out any further, get rid of both of them. The story line with Peter, Carla and Tina is getting to be a little boring also. Why are they splitting Leann and Nick up. Her and Kal just don't mix, there is no chemistry there at all. About David, he knows what Maria is doing, but has not said anything to Fiz or Tyrone. Hasn't he learned his lesson after the mess with Nick and all the dirt he did before. His he lookig to loose his family again for lying. And for goodness sakes when are they getting rid of that boring Mary. She is such a waste of space. Waiting for the truth to come out about Anna. I hope it doesn't take to much longer.

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