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Sunday, 1 December 2013

State of the Street - December 2013

November on the Street focussed on Faye and Grace's reign of bullying with Mary and ultimately Simon taking the brunt of it, ringled by Grace. Anna was always the last one to find out these things. David is lurching around looking like a lost puppy. He's had it all coming to him but you can't help but feel a tiny bit sorry for him, too. Nick's still offending and scaring people with his rages and outbursts and Leanne's looking tired and nervous. Hayley's still with us and we're following along as she and Roy work through the rough road they're on. All this and more on State of the Street for November.

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Newfy Pearl said...

I definitely feel bad for David. First of all I don't care how upset you do not sleep with your brother's wife.
Then Audrey in my opinion had no right to take his job away.
Gail was a hypocrite as she knew all about the one night stand and kept it from David. And I cannot believe she is supporting the idea of David being kept from Max and Lilly. He loves those children.
As for Kyley! She is disgusting me. Since when did she become so high and mighty!
I hope that at some time the truth will come out that David did not try to kill Nick...he was just trying to stop him from revealing all so that he would no lose Kyley.
Nick is truly Gail's golden boy and I am sick of him to be honest. Go David!

Dubcek said...

I don't understand why David didn't take Audrey to a labour tribunal I don't understand why she thought she could fire him for something he did outside of his work at the salon and who is paying the mortgage on the house?
Gail who is only a lodger and had no right to throw him out of his house had better get a couple more jobs to pay the mortgage before they foreclose and sell the house from under them.

NZ Coro Junkie said...

I'm pretty sure that Kevin made the first pass at Molly. She rebuffed him for all of 2 minutes, then it was game on. Molly only transformed into bunny boiler after Kev decided to stay with (cancer-stricken) Sally.

Also, you've reminded me that the Tina-David and now Tina-Peter story lines all developed this month. I wonder what the writers had planned when it was still assumed that Tommy would be around?

Anonymous said...

The Tina/Peter crap was hastily thrown together IMO. No chemistry. Why would Peter go after such a rude mare - she's nothing but trouble from day 1 but then he's a big loser too, so I guess they deserve each other. I must say though, that Fiz is looking right smashing lately. Ty better watch out!

Anonymous said...

I have only one word for David - lawyer! As much as I can't stand David that little cow Kylie has absolutely no right to stop him from seeing the kids that he dearly loves! Why is Kylie the innocent party in all of this mess she slept with her brother-in-law! I'm watching in Canada so I'm not up to date.

Dilly Daydream said...

Totally agree with you anonymous at 13:15

Anonymous said...

Agree with Dilly and 13:15. The David character is not my favourite but this storyline seems a bit one-sided. Kylie is all goody-two shoes, but her former lifestyle contradicts that, keeping him away from his kids, kicking him out of his own house, as well as her hasty jumping into the sack with her brother-in-law. Girl needs a ton of reminding. As for Leanne-didn't the former-prostitute start it all when she offered herself on a plate to Peter on her and Nick's wedding Day???

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