Monday, 16 December 2013

Coronation Street review - July 2013

Here we go with our annual review of Coronation Street month-by-month, all wrapped up in a little reminder of what's gone on in Weatherfield this year.

July 2013

Hayley’s diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; David chucks nuts at Gail; “I’m just trying to spread a little peanut shaped happiness”;  Emily gives Norris No. 3; Tim eyes up Sally; Nick's Bistro gets raided on a drugs bust; Paul’s caught up in a racism storm; Ken disappears to Canada; Carla takes Peter on at the factory and gives the Bookies shop to Rob in exchange for Peter's gambling debt.

Best line of this month goes to Deirdre: “It’s a small world, but you wouldn’t want to hoover it, as me mother used to say.”

Fictional character mentioned this month we'd love to meet - Sinead's mum’s new fella, Omar from the fridge shop.

The voice of reason goes to Sylvia this month when Roy's given herbal advice to help him stop sleepwalking: “You might as well hug a tree or rub on essential oil of ramalamadingdong.”  

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Tvor said...

Peter's gambling debt makes it sound like Peter was the one gambling, when it was Rob who gambled, won, and bankrupted Peter, was it not? Peter did owe Rob, so it was a debt of sorts, true.

Anonymous said...

I miss Stephanie Cole!!

ChiaGwen said...

I see Stephanie Cole is doing other TV - why hasn't she come back to Corrie - even for one or two episodes??

Anonymous said...

I want Stephanie Cole back too!

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