Sunday, 22 December 2013

Corrie Christmas Countdown - Day 22

Over the next few weeks, the ITV Coronation Street website is doing a daily Christmas countdown. They'll be showing classic clips of and teasers and trivia about Corrie Christmases.
Today, they've got a video where some of the cast share their worst Christmas presents:
Simon Gregson (Steve McDonald) – “The worst present I ever got I think was a Transformers clock…I was about sixteen at the time.”

Jack P. Shepherd (David Platt) – “I did get my sister a present once for Christmas and it was a fat fairy sat on a fake diamante jewel – it was a paperweight! And this was £25 – a paperweight! I don’t know what went through my head to why my sister would like it. I gave it to her and I think she threw it at me!”

Catherine Tyldesley (Eva Price) – “It’s the same every year – it’s chocolate. Because I’m obsessed with chocolate and if it’s there I’m going to end up eating it.”

Ben Price (Nick Tilsley) – “An A4 refill pad which you put in a binder and it’s only got one hole and it was 10p and my mum got me that!”
What's the worst present you ever got?
Mine has to be a dart board, which I never used. I don't even like darts!
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