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Monday 16 December 2013

Favourite Corrie couples countdown - eighth poll

Hello all! Now, I hope you've voted in the sixth poll of ten because that is now officially closed. But you have until midnight next Monday to vote for two of your favourite couples in the seventh poll.
So, who's in our eighth poll?
Les Battersby/Battersby-Brown and Cilla Brown/Battersby-Brown (2003-2007) – Soon after she met him, Cilla along with son Chesney moved in with Les. After a few break-ups, they decided to marry for the presents. It was a memorable wedding with Status Quo making an appearance. Cilla went on the honeymoon with best friend Yana instead of Les. Les was the only one who was unfaithful during the marriage after he had a one-night stand with ex Janice and then with Yana. Cilla took revenge by pretending she had cancer, and used the fundraising money to go on holiday. But they then reunited. Les left the street in 2007 to tour with Status Quo while Cilla left for South Africa later that year.
Nick Tilsley and Leanne Battersby/Tilsley/Barlow/Tilsley (1997-1999, 2010, 2012- ) – They started off as teenage sweethearts who eloped to Gretna Green, much to Gail’s anger.  They settled down, but the marriage soon soured when Leanne fell pregnant and Nick forced her to have an abortion. They later separated and divorced. Eleven years passed before their love reignited. Leanne was now with Peter Barlow but didn’t stop her having an affair with Nick. But when Peter was injured in the train crash, they ended the affair. Peter found out about the affair at their marriage blessing in 2011. But in 2012, with Leanne now single again, Nick declared his love and they planned to marry. Despite stalling at first, they did re-marry in 2013. Since then, they have had their share of tribulations including Nick’s one-night stand with Kylie Platt and then being injured in a car crash and is now trying to rebuild his life.
Owen Armstrong and Anna Windass (2011- ) – After Eddie left for Germany, Owen became interested in Anna. He bought No.6 so she had a secure future with adoptive daughter Faye. Despite Faye’s sabotage of their dates, they embark on a relationship. They break up after Owen hits Faye for her cheek, but soon reunite and Anna invites Owen to move in with them. Anna has been glad of Owen’s support during her struggle to accept Faye’s dad Tim moving into the street while Owen is glad of Anna’s mothering of his daughters Izzy and Katy.
Brian Tilsley and Gail Potter/Tilsley (1978-1989) – Brian and Gail first met in 1978 and although opposition from Brian’s staunch Catholic mother Ivy, they married the following the year. Nick was born in 1980. Money problems and family arguments plagued the young couple with Gail clashing with Ivy while Brian clashed with Gail’s mother Audrey. By 1986, the marriage had started to crumble with Brian paying more attention to his mum’s love life more than his own which led Gail to have an affair with Brian’s cousin Ian Latimer. Gail fell pregnant and, convinced that Ian was the father, Brian divorced her. Sarah was born in 1987 and Brian was indeed the father.  Gail and Brian remarried the following year and in 1989 Brian was stabbed to death. The same night, Gail had asked for a divorce.
Ken Barlow and Valerie Tatlock/Barlow (1961-1971) – They first met when Val was visiting her uncle Albert. They married in 1962 and while Ken became a teacher, Val converted the front room to a hair salon. In 1965, their twins Peter and Susan were born. During their marriage, both Ken and Val had affairs: Val with Dave Robbins in 1963 and Ken with Jackie Marsh in 1966. Soon after moving into the new maisonettes, Val was held hostage by Frank Riley and this tested their marriage. In 1971, Ken was offered a job in Jamaica and they planned to emigrate. But on the night of their leaving do, Val was electrocuted by a faulty hairdryer. Ken was left a widower and single father and over the next few years he would be on a quest to find the next Val.
Who's your favourites in this batch of five? Well, vote for two of them and we'll see where they'll be in the countdown!

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Anonymous said...

Eddie left for Germany and his name isn't even mentioned - was her murdered over there and nobody noticed?

Anonymous said...

I liked Eddie, no where near as much the man you love to hate, as Les was, but still awful in a fascinating, somewhat kinder way. Anna seemed to really love him too, which at the time, I gave her credit for. She's much more miserable now that she and Owen are settled.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but every week it's difficult to find two couples to vote for. What about Judy and Gary Mallet, Les and Janice, Len and Rita, Hilda and Stan, Raquel and Curly, Alf and Audrey, Derek and Mavis, Gail and Martin...

You might as well include Karl and Sunita as some of these. Owen and Anna have hardly been together for a blink of an eye in Corrie terms.


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