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Monday 23 December 2013

Coronation Street episode review, Sunday 22 December 2013

Mortified and upset at his mother ruining his nativity, Max says he wants to stay with David, and a stunned Kylie storms off. People seem to sober up at miraculous rates in soapland, and Kylie gives Audrey no cause for concern as she relieves her of her babysitting duties with Lily. It was odd to hear Audrey ask her how the nativity went considering she was there when Kylie refused to attend, and was supposedly looking after Lily to allow Kylie do some shopping. 
With Max gone for pizza, David and Gail are frantic when they learn from Audrey that Kylie is alone with Lily. “Are you saying she’s drunk?” asks a baffled Audrey who again could be forgiven for not realising. Once inside, David takes Lily from Kylie who tells them they can all go to hell. She bizarrely starts to throw clothes down the stairs despite there being no mention of anyone moving out, and is told by a furious Gail that she’s a “stupid, selfish little girl” who doesn’t deserve her children. Later on she plunders the depths of self-pity, declaring, “people like me” don’t get to have the whole package, and saying everything that has happened is because of who she is and what she deserves. Despite telling her she’s a good Mum, she tells David to leave her alone. It's difficult to see how she can be described as such, or to have any sympathy for her.

Poor Roy has failed his driving test and is all the more upset because it’s supposed to be Hayley’s legacy to him. They visit Santa’s Grotto with Fiz, Tyrone and the girls but respectfully decline their Christmas dinner invitation. That evening Hayley agrees that she has overdone it but tells a despondent Roy, “this isn’t a rehearsal, this is it; our final Christmas”.

Despite Anna’s objections, Pat Phelan and his wife pay a visit, and there’s not just champagne on offer; he wants Owen to front a project because it would be illegal for him to do so. The job is to convert a mill into apartments, and Phelan promises they’ll be set up for life, all the while flaunting an expensive lifestyle before them. Katie is impressed with Valerie’s £2000 handbag, and imagines their beautiful house, and Gary waxes lyrical about their pool table. Owen agrees to think about it, and claims to be suspicious, but asks Anna if she wouldn’t like such a life. She’s resolutely sceptical, and the rest would do well to follow her example if their past dealings with the Phelans are anything to go by. Considering all the family have been through of late, the last thing they need is trouble at t'mill.

The Power entertain a full house at The Bistro, giving Beth the opportunity to sing her Kirky’s praises. Her Champagne Supernova is like a tall Noel Gallagher apparently, and comes equipped with a denim shirt and guitar; the only catch is, there are no strings attached. Gloria appears to wish the same applied to Dennis, and makes him an offer he can’t refuse; a sideline promoting gigs with a percentage cut. He accepts her offer but vigorously asserts his manhood and independence when she glances at Rita and asks if he needs to check with the boss. His face tells another story however. Over at the Rovers, Rob praises Dennis, and Tracy remarks “turns out he does have his uses after all” which is painfully apt considering how much of a pity it is that his character has been languishing in relative inactivity for so long.

Peter’s green eyed monster rages as he demands Tina not look at Rob or speak to him on the premise that he’s protecting both her and Tracy, but Tina astutely tells him to be honest with himself about the real reason why he’s bothered. He then approaches Rob and tells him to stop whatever he’s doing with Tina. Rob asks Peter why he cares about Tracy all of a sudden, but as he awaits a response, a change in his expression indicates he may have copped that there’s more to Peter's anger than meets the eye.

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Beth said...

What a load of old miseries they are at Coronation Street. Why oh why couldn't they have let Roy pass his driving test. It's bad enough Hayley's leaving and the last few months have been depressing watching R&H do their 'lasts' of everything. So was it too much for them to write it that Roy had good news and room for celebration?

As for Tina and Peter - ohhhhhh please wake me up when this drivel is over. What a total bore fest.

Stuart Blackburn I think, is determined to turn our fav soap into a mirror misery of the one down south.

So depressing right now with only 2 days before Christmas. Hardly full of Christmas cheer and glad tidings of comfort and joy is it!

Anonymous said...

Why are they dragging out the Peter/Tina/Carla crap? It's totally unbelievable even for a soap. No chemistry, no lead-up just go at it and hopefully the viewers will swallow it. Nope - not working. Pretty shoddy thrown together storyline in order for Michelle K to get as much air-time as possible before she's knocked off.
I see the 'old' Gail is rearing her head - about time too IMO
Kylie is boring me now. What a pity party..she should get together with Eileen and Julie and compare notes.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree with Beth about the driving test. IMO, it would have been much more effective if Roy had passed but refused to celebrate under the circumstances while Hayley thought it was brilliant.

I don't see any chemistry between Peter and Tina and actually was never team Carla, either. Peter's best partner was Leanne and a real shame tptb split them. Carla should have been the 'what-might-have-been' love interest. Lots of steamy unconsummated passion.


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