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Monday 30 December 2013

Favourite Corrie couples countdown - tenth poll

Hello all! Now, I hope you've voted in the eighth poll of ten because that is now officially closed. But you have until midnight next Monday to vote for two of your favourite couples in the ninth poll.

So, who's in our final poll?

Sophie Webster and Sian Powers (2010-2011) – Corrie’s first lesbian couple. When Sophie first kissed her, Sian was confused. After a brief time away from the street, Sian returned and they became a proper couple, but in secret. Eventually, Ryan finds out. Soon after, the girls tell Kevin and Sally that they love each other. They have an on/off relationship which includes Sophie accusing Sian of having an affair while Amber Kalirai also plots to split the two. They planned to marry but then Sophie’s doubts about her feelings towards Sian ends their relationship and Sian leaves her.

Danny and Frankie Baldwin (2004-2005) – When they arrived, Frankie had already cheated on Danny while Danny enjoyed a fling with Sunita. While Danny became a business partner at the factory, Frankie got a job in the caf√©. In 2005, Danny had an affair with son Jamie’s girlfriend Leanne and Frankie kicked him out. When his relationship with Leanne soured, he tried to win back Frankie but was shocked that she was now with Jamie, her stepson. Failing to cope, he sold the factory and left.

Kirk Sutherland and Beth Tinker (2012- ) – This relationship began when Kirk chauffeured Beth to meet her online date. However, the date didn’t work out and Beth realised that Kirk was the man for her. Since then they’ve been in a relationship and Kirk has become a father figure to Beth’s son Craig.

Martin Platt and Gail Tilsley/Platt (1989-2001) – Although they’d been friends for a few years, it wasn’t until Brian’s death that they became close. To Ivy’s annoyance, the relationship developed and in 1990, Gail gave birth to David. They married in 1991. In 1993, the marriage was tested when they hired Carmel Finnan as a nanny. She was obsessed with Martin and tried to split the Platts up, but Gail sent her packing. As Martin was ten years Gail’s junior, Martin was tempted by other women and had an affair with Cathy Power in 1994. Gail forgave him but wasn’t as forgiving when he had another affair with Rebecca Hopkins in 2000. They divorced in 2001 and Martin was genuinely happy when Gail remarried Richard in 2002.

Stan and Hilda Ogden (1964-1984) – This classic Corrie couple were a part of the nation’s fabric for 20 years and we witnessed their highs and lows. Despite a backstory of Stan’s neglect and abuse towards Hilda and the kids, by the 1970s they had established themselves as the key to comedy on the cobbles. They, with their flying ducks and ‘muriel’, had become TV icons. Stan was a layabout while Hilda worked day and night to bring in the money, cleaning The Rovers and various houses and was also the chief gossip on the street, although she didn’t like being gossiped about. Although they bickered, they loved each other and were married for 40 years. Despite being the street’s cast-offs, it didn’t stop them mingling with the neighbours. By the early 1980s, Stan’s health was failing and he died in 1984, leaving a heartbroken Hilda alone.

Have you got favourites in this five? Well, vote for two of them and we'll see where they'll be in the countdown! The poll closes at midnight on Monday, 13th January.
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Hannah said...

Sophie and Sian and Gail and Martin

Zagg said...

Wow, look how young Gail and Martin are!! You forget... you know?

Anonymous said...

Sophie and Sian were fabulous togehter... it's a terrible shame Sian left and not Sophie!

The.HR.Doctor said...

This group's winner really should be a no-brainer.


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