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Monday 30 December 2013

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 30 December

MONDAY 30TH DECEMBER 2013 at 7.30pm
PETER AND TINA PLAY WITH FIRE Agreeing to leave their kiss behind them, Tina gives Rob a friendly peck on the cheek. Peter spots them and later tackles Rob, claiming he is looking out for Tracy. When oblivious Rob accuses him of fancying the babysitter, Peter thumps Rob. But when Tina storms round to Pater’s flat to confront him about the punch, will they be able to resist their passion any longer?
DEVASTATED HAYLEY HIDES FROM THE WORLD Hayley can't face telling people she only has weeks to live and asks Roy to tell her friends instead. A heartbroken Roy breaks the tragic news to Anna, Fiz and Tyrone and asks Carla to visit Hayley but then Roy realises he’s left his shopping bag at Carla’s…
NICK’S DETERMINED TO GET BACK ON TRACK Determined to return to his former self, Nick starts his first training session with Kal. Leanne’s encouraged to see Nick so upbeat.
ELSEWHERE Maddie scoffs at Sophie when she tells her she will be writing for their new magazine and Tracy wants Rob to move into No. 1.

MONDAY 30TH DECEMBER 2013 at 8.30pmPETER AND TINA’S PASSION ERUPTS Peter and Tina get carried away as they tear at each other’s clothes but panic when they hear Roy coming up the stairs. Scrambling to get her clothes on, Tina hides in the bedroom but will Roy have caught them in the act?
CARLA’S REALITY CHECK GIVES HAYLEY PERSPECTIVE Having told Roy that she doesn’t want to see anyone,Hayley’s shocked when Carla barges into her bedroom. However, she’s soon cheered up as Carla chats away to her and decides she’s needs to have a no-nonsense conversation with Roy about her death. But is this something Roy wants to talk about?
NICK COPES IN LEANNE’S ABSENCE Gail worries Nick will struggle now Leanne’s moved out but Stella defends her daughter’s decision and Nick’s determined to protect Leanne until he recovers.
ELSEWHERE Sally’s pleased that Sophie is branching out into journalism and Tracy tries to butter up Deirdre but receives short shrift.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Deirdre tell Tracy that not only can Rob not move in but Tracy needs to move out! Amy can stay (in the cupboard, where she usually lives).

Zagg said...

How ridiculous is this storyline of Tracy wanting Rob to move in? WHY??? Why would a grown man like Rob want to move into Tracy's parents house with her mother living there? This is just absolute silliness and stupid writing. They are not young teens starting out.I am getting so frustrated at the horrible writing on this show.

Everyone keeps praising the Roy/Hayley story, but it will be over soon and then what? What are we left with? The sudden inconceivable Tina/Peter story? Sophie's new I could care less love interest? New guy Kal, who I swear if they hook him up with Liz I will throw a brick through my TV? The Platt/Tilsley debacle that has dragged on and on so much so that I am kinda hoping they all shoot each other a la OK Corral?
Ugh...the future is not looking very promising.

Tvor said...

It's pretty stupid since he has his own flat but it's only because he won't let her move in with him i suppose.

Hum[pty Dumpty said...

The problem with Tracy is that she is written as a petulant seventeen year old. Her behaviour would wear thin in real life and it's just plain boring to watch on TV. Anyway, Tracy would have got a council flat by now as she's a single parent.

Anonymous said...

Tracy move? What council flat comes with a built in babysitter and food supply?


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