Saturday, 28 December 2013

Corrie fans vote to see Fat Brenda on screen

Earlier this month we ran a poll to ask Coronation Street fans which unseen Corrie character they would most like to see turn up on the soap.

The results are in. 298 votes were counted and the results are as follows.

Which unseen Corrie character should we see?

Fat Brenda won with a whopping 252  votes, or 84.56%          
Little Shane Dooley, the paper boy came second with 20 votes, or 6.71%    
Big Garth off the market
was in third place with 10 votes, or 3.36%     
Omar from the fridge shop
was in joint fourth place with  Nobby and Nolene off the market who scored  8 votes each, or 2.68%      

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Anonymous said...

NO-o-o-o! Hopefully tptb have more sense than the fans in this instance. A character left to our imagination is always better.

Sunny Jim said...

There's no way this could ever happen. No matter who they were to cast for the role, for 99.99% of the viewers she would be the wrong person.

Let's face it, whatever your view of what Brenda looks and acts like, it's probably completely wrong as far as I'm concerned and vice versa.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Would anyone be all that interested in Fat Brenda if it wasn't for the hilarious blog on this site and Steve Huison's portrayal of her on stage? Keep Fat Brenda a mystery.

Anonymous said...

Really hope it NEVER happens!

Jonathan Lalor said...

10 years of being mentioned is long enough Id love too see her in the show.... as a husky voiced straight talking Manchester girl fag in one hand and a drink in the other who takes no shit with her bobbed bleached blonde hair cut. She could have some funny moments and serious ones who could portray her though ?!!!! (AND NOT A MAN BE SERIOUS) Id Pick well im not sure but she could be Jacckie Dobbs Sister ? and be related to Tyrone they could just arrive on the door step of Tyrone or..... Jackkie gets arrested and needs Bail and she says to Tyrone look go get the bail from my sister ..... he can say and where is she ....... and she can say closer than you think Brenda from street cars........... WE SO NEED TOO SE HER ALONG WITH ......... FAT BRENDA, JACKIE DOBBS , TREASA, AND DENIES OSBOURNE

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