Saturday, 28 December 2013

Coronation Street spoilers for the New Year

With thanks to the fab Inside Soap magazine, here we go with some Coronation Street spoilers for early into the Near Year of 2014.

Tina leaves the Street after telling Peter that if he doesn’t leave Carla for her, it’s all over between them.

 “Tina just can’t trust herself around Peter,” explains Michelle Keegan. “These emotions she has are so raw. Tina knows there’s no hope of resisting him, and that’s why she needs to leave.”  
Elsewhere, Steve and Tracy step back in time when Amy sets her parents up to help out at a Victorian fancy dress day at the Manchester museum of Science and Industry.  
Owen strikes a deal with business partner Pat Phelan but gets involved in some risky business.  Owen has to take out a big loan to go into business with Phelan so as you can imagine, Anna's not best pleased.

And Roy goes off the rails after Hayley dies. Not only is he overcome with grief at losing Hayley, but he struggles to come to grips with the fact that Hayley wanted to end her own life.  Tissues at the ready.

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Anonymous said...

O goodie! Amy sets up Steve and Tracy just when Steve and Michelle are in the midst of a spat. Cue the toothy grins, the befuddled gurns and the folded arms. It wasn't fun the first time, so why repeat it the sixteenth?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Not looking forward to more of the Munster clan aka Windarse/Armstrong. Anna nagging in that squeaky yet shrill voice - why on earth would Owen go into business with a rat like Phelan and why would Phelan want a one man band to refurbish a block of flars. Wake Frosty up when its over

Humpty Dumpty said...

Let's hope the Tracy/Steve story lasts all of five minutes. As for Phelan, the only reason I can see that he approached Owen was pay-back for their run-in the last time. And if Owen comes unstuck, it will only be what he deserves after all the misery he's caused other people. Pity the writers don't do the same with Tracy.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute - I thought Tina was going to be killed off? Well, so much for that Xmas present. It would have been great if she'd offed herself and set Tracy up for it!

Anonymous said...

Ohh no haley gonna kill herself I want her to stay

Anonymous said...

PLEASE Let`s have a long long break from Roy. He has all the charisma of a dead sheep and I was bored to tears by the long drawn out morbid events leading to Hayley`s death. If he must stay in the programme bring back his mother who brought some much needed humour to the cafe.

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