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Monday 16 December 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 16 December

Peter confesses to wearing a sarong on his honeymoon in Bali - a la Beckham. A curious Steve, who has picked up the loved up pair, Carla and Peter, from the airport, in his tinseled taxi, is fascinated by this revelation and tries to ascertain what, exactly, Peter was wearing underneath the sarong. Our favourite Street takes a rather bawdy tone, as Steve sings the opening bars to Swing Low Sweet Chariot. And that’s not all. Rob asks where his postcard is, but Carla tells him that they, ‘Didn’t have much time for writing, if you know what I mean.’ Yes, I think he does know what you mean, Carla.

At about the same time as Steve’s taxi rolls onto the cobbles, Kylie rolls home, looking much the worse for wear. Max thought she was still in bed, then, taking in her appearance, asks her if she’s alright. She tells him she’s been for a walk, which may be a new euphemism for having been on a bender.

She looks seriously rough and Gail is not pleased and understandably so. ‘Congratulations for remembering you have a baby to look after, ’ snipes Gail when Kylie asks where Lily is, and that’s not all. Gail rounds on Kylie for her thoughtlessness and selfishness. ‘All we get from you is anger and self-pity. And do you know what? It’s getting pretty boring!’ Take that, Kylie. Gail has a point and it does seem that David is being disproportionately punished.

Gail has had enough and she calls a meeting for six o’clock. Somewhat amusingly Kylie says, ‘Please tell me you’re emigrating.’ So, at least David can now see his children who he does seem to care about very much, while Kylie is only too ready to make use of live-in babysitter Gail.

Oh Julie! ‘My beautiful boys,’ she declares as she comes downstairs. Sean has told the factory that she won’t be at work and it is his day off so she won’t be alone. She accepts she looks awful and that that is the result of having had her ‘heart rent asunder.’ Only Julie could get away with such an expression. Later when asked if she’ll take Brian back Julie says she’s heartbroken not brain dead.

I wonder if anyone agrees with these thoughts on the Grimshaw boys. Jason seems to have matured dramatically. He seems caring, as evidenced in his behaviour towards Julie and in his bid to get the house sorted before mum Eileen returns. On the other hand, Todd seems snidey, out to cause trouble, uncooperative, happy to lead people on and unconcerned about the consequences. What did happen to this former sweet boy in that there London? Marcus clearly felt something  sinister about Todd and pointed out that Todd is a troublemaker after Todd had shown he had no compassion for his distraught Aunt Julie.
Just a brief glance tonight of the intriguing Kal, running, naturally, and it was pleasing to see that Nick apologized to him. Kal could, after all, play an integral part in Nick’s recovery and get a few much needed endorphins flowing through his brain. It’s been a while since Leanne has had much joy in her life and Kal could be the answer to her lacklustre and strained life. And, if I remember correctly Kal and Leanne did get on rather well.  Ooh I wonder…
The Power – hmmm. Gloria is no doubt revelling in her power to take Dennis’s attention away from Rita. ‘I can’t help it if I’m more exciting than her ladyship.’ Gloria accuses Rita of trying to rain on their parade and  speaks of the negative vibes that Rita is giving out. Rita’s not having that though and says, ‘Negative vibes! She’ll be wearing a kaftan next.’  Dennis tries to explain, giving credence to the adage that there is no fool like an old fool, when he tells his wife, ‘Rita, this is rock ‘n roll. You can’t just play it safe.’

Roy is taking his upcoming driving test very seriously mainly because he doesn’t want to let Hayley down. She in turn is anxious, as it is she who is putting him under pressure. What a poignant scene it was though, to watch Hayley decorating the tree knowing with absolute certainty that this will be the last time.  There’s a last time for all of us in most things, but we don’t necessarily know it is the last time.

Tina is becoming a problem to Peter and is finding any excuse to see himven making up a story about some kids messing with Carla’s car. Later, flirtation in the pub with Rob proves useful to arouse Peter’s jealousy. This has the added bonus of annoying Tracy too, though sadly she’s not there to see it. Still before she left Tracy was so rude. Quite reasonably, Tina asks her, ‘What can I get you?’ The lovely Tracy says, ‘Wine.’ The queen of the monosyllable, when asked what colour, extends her repertoire to several syllables and says, ‘Red, hurry up.’ Why would anyone, let alone Tina, serve someone so outrageously rude?  

Peter goes out for a cigarette and Tina follows. In fairness, Peter wards her off in the strongest terms. ‘I’m a disaster waiting to happen,’ he tells her, then adds he is ‘like Midas in reverse.’ He tells her to stay away for her own good. Take the sarong and run Tina.
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Unknown said...

I agree about the Grimshaw brothers. I like having brothers on the street, it could bring a really nice and different dynamic. I like the new Jason and I hope the current mentality of the characters stays. Its the typical older brother being the maturer one, the younger being the immature. I like it and with Tony coming back in January, hopefully it will only strengthen Jason's character and give Eva and him some much needed screen time.

Tina's annoying me. Very much so. We had a week break from her and she was back with vengeance tonight. I do hope tho that Carla catches Tina & Peter as I think it would bring a new dynamic to the affair storyline than just trying to keep it under wraps for AGES *yawns* I hope they don't drag it out. And it's also interesting as nothing but a kiss has yet occurred between Tina & Peter as opposed to a full blown affair.

The Julie & Brian storyline has been played well by both parts and I do really love Julie. But with the occasional mention of her mother will we get to see her. Baring in mind the older cast's screen time is diminishing, the character may spice things up and Rita needs a best friend I think.

The Platt's storyline as Gail described is "boring" me. It's kinda the same things day in day out, however I hope things improve and get better with this storyline as it's well acted and portrayed but I just want the storyline to have some twists and turns to keep us interested or it could just end and David & Kylie reconcile.

But I would like to see some big stories for Gail, Gary/Izzy, Rita, Gloria, Steph (we only see her walking 'round Bistro with Notepad & pen), Mary,, Lloyd, Jason, Fiz & Tyrone as a couple at home more so than just at their respective jobs.

But yes - rant over - if it can be called that.

All in all a great episode and nice to see some humour coming through. Shame we didn't see the going-ons of Underworld under Sally's reign. Guess it's just left to the imagination if you can be bothered...

Ruth owen said...

Great comments Ty Stewz. And yes to all you say. What a treat it would have been to see Sally queening it around the factory. Never mind, we can still imagine.

Unknown said...

Thank you. I also think it would be great to see Margi Clarke - Jackie Dobbs return for a short stint, what's your thoughts on that? I think the soap could do with a comedic character now Blanche & Sylvia have left.

Upintheattic said...

Great ideas Tye. We need give us a break from these tiresome story lines. This David/Nick/?Kylie story is OLD and they're just repeating the same lines over and over and over. I want to gouge my eyes I would love to see Jackie Dobbs pop over, just to give us a break from the 2 story lines that have dominated for months now! It's absurd. I just lost a sister this year to pancreatic cancer, we found out May 30, and she was gone July 3. So for my family, Haley's storyline is dragging on to the point that I dont care anymore, it's ridiculous the things she is able to do when it just doesn't usually happen that way. Anyway, sorry..end of my rant.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Kylie is reverting to type - unfit mother - where did she get the money for a bender when she couldnt pay the mortgage last week? The whole Tina business is now beyond preposterous that she should be so obsessed with newly wed middle aged Peter after just a harmless kiss. And Carlas ridiculous over pallyness toward her, she would have told her to do one after that hammering on the door but oh no she buys her a present. And if Audrey calls someone Sweed tart again, Frosty is gonna scream!!!

Ruth owen said...

Yes to a return from Jackie Dobbs. What a much needed spark she would bring.

Bezza said...

I did notice when Brian & Julie were talking Fleetwood Mac's song "Little Lies" was playing in the background

Anonymous said...

Yawn, why can't they get rid of the overly annoying frizzy haired miserable Eileen? And of course, complaining about blokes letting her down, because she had no part in all of her separations. She is a truly detestable character, acting all disgusted because Brian dares hang out in the Bistro.

Brian is another great potential character but the lazy producers choose to axe. I guess if he was about 30 years younger 'fit' and sleeping with half the street that would suffice for them.

Tvor said...

Good comments above. Though I do think Julie's mother is a tad young to be a BFF for Rita. Julie's mother was Eileen's best friend growing up. She had Julie at the age of about 15 I seem to recall, unbeknownst to Eileen who's father was the baby-daddy.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Dobbs, good grief, no! no! no! Dreadful woman, hopeless actress.

Anonymous said...

Go Gail..about time she told that sour faced slut to shape up. I hope to see more of this new/old Gail - she needs a backbone.

Anonymous said...

I agree especially about Gail telling Kylie like it is, Carla acting out of character not telling Tina to do one for her intrusiveness, and the laziness if the writers not giving Brian better stories and the producers for not keeping him. What a missed opportunity for stepping up the quality and snappiness of the show!


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