Friday, 20 December 2013

Goodbye Granada from the production crew

A link to a wonderful video just scrolled past on our twitter feed. It was uploaded to Vimeo by Matt Hilton @quarterbluematt who is a 3rd Assistant Director at Coronation Street.

It's a goodbye to Granada studios from all the production crew and behind the scenes faces that we never see. These men and women are the backbones of Corrie, wiithout whom we couldn't enjoy Coronation Street as we do. It's just as big a change for all of them moving to the new Media City site as it is for the actors!

Watch the excellet video here:

And since today is the final day of filming on the old set, the Manchester Evening News also has a feature. They include lots of links to various articles they've had featuring photos and video and other related items. This one in particular has loads of links all in one place.

We don't know what the first day filming on the new location will be yet, but we'll be watching closely to spot the differences, including the second Rovers window and the external door to Roy and Hayley's flat outside the cafe!

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Sunny Jim said...

Fantastic video Tvor, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, just fabulous!

Tvor said...

It's so wonderful to see all the faces from behind the scenes!

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