Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 18 December

TINA THROWS HERSELF AT ANOTHER MAN Peter approaches Tina about doing some childminding but she gives him short shrift. After flirting with Rob over the bar at the Rovers they end up kissing in the backyard. But when Carla heads out to have a word with Tina she’s taken aback to find them kissing passionately. Rob begs Carla not to tell Tracy but how will Peter take the news?
KYLIE AND DAVID CLASH OVER MAX Gail works on Max’s nativity costume as an exhausted but excited Kylie wraps a special present for Max telling Gail she can’t wait to see his face when he opens it. But when David later persuades Gail to let him look after Max and Lily, he lets Max open his special present. How will Kylie react?
JULIE RECLAIMS HER DIGNITY AS BRIAN SAYS GOODBYE Brian loads up his van and and hands Julie the keys to No.12. Her heart breaks as she watches him drive away.
ELSEWHERE Hayley’s touched when a Christmas present from Becky arrives and Rita supports Dennis in his music

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Anonymous said...

Where's Rita? She's always had her beak stuck up Tina's arse but all of a sudden she's nowhere to be seen? Shoddy.

Anonymous said...

She's been busy belittling Dennis.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Becky return to visit ailing Hayley? If it weren't for Hayley and Roy, Becky would still be living rough on the streets.

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