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Saturday 14 December 2013

Coronation Street Weekly Update - our favourite table in Roy's Rolls

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Grandma Audrey takes pity on grandson David, giving him his job back at the salon and a bit of self-respect after David’s mum, wife and brother want nowt more to do with him. And who can blame them after he almost killed Nick? But, and here’s the thing with this one. You just know from past experience that Gail will take David back, nothing he can do –not even pushing Gail down the stairs – can make Gail turn her back on David and that means there’s no tension in this story for this fan. We know David will end up back in the fold, on the sofa, in the arms of his wife and his mum.  So cry all your tears Gail, cry them out now, because as soon as there’s a smile on your face and David’s back in your life, he’ll go and do something else to break your heart all over again. And that’s why we love David Platt so very much indeed.  When he’s good he’s very, very good. And when he’s bad, he’s wicked.

Over at Eileen’s, Sean gives Todd the glad-eye. But Todd tells Brian in the Bistro that he’s not interested in Sean, not one little bit, even if Sean was the last man on earth.  This is shock news to Brian’s ears and he passes it on to Sean, who’s not best pleased.

Twisted Todd also tells Julie the truth about Brian not wanting to foster children and that he’s been offered a new job in Wales. Julie calls a pow-wow at their favourite table in Roy’s Rolls and Brian breaks Julie’s heart into a million little pieces when he admits it’s all true. He loves her, yes, he says, but he doesn’t want kids and he never has.  Even when Brian turns up in the factory with a bunch of peace lilies, it’s not enough to make Julie change her mind. Brian and Julie are over, I tell you, over.

An old army mate of Gary Windass turns up this week. He’s called Kal and works as a fitness instructor, passing his cards out to the ladies of the parish to get them signed up to his sunrise bootcamp.  The ladies of the parish are keen to take the cards from dishy Kal but less keen  to sign up for the bootcamp.  Kal takes Dev out training to get into shape and Leanne asks Kal there’s anything he can do to help Nick regain some anger control too.   Kal’s a single parent, seems a nice bloke, and could be an interesting one to watch.

Rita was on her high-horse this week, jealous that Dennis had been given a story of his own. His old mate Ritchie turns up, a singer in a band from the 60s called The Power. “I used to rub  shoulders with the movers and the shakers back in the day,” Dennis tells Rita to which she replied, very un-Rita like: “When I met you, you were rubbing shoulders with the winos and the drunks”. Ouch.   Anyway, Rita gets even more green-eyed when Dennis meets with Gloria to discuss putting Richie’s band on in the Bistro.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any idea why tptb are turning Rita like this? It's so frustrating that my love of the character is turning to despise.


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