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Monday 30 December 2013

Coronation Street episode review, Monday 30 December 2013

Rob may perceive himself as the hunk of Weatherfield, but he has serious competition, and anyway, whether he is or not, who wants to see Rob’s pants and Rob himself humming and slapping his thighs first thing in the morning? As Deirdre points out, ‘I’m a very forgiving person Rob, but this is not a nudist colony.’

Rob offers to wear Ken’s kimono but it’s not about kimonos – it’s more about Rob and Tracy behaving inappropriately and  disrespectfully, but they would behave this way, of course they would, they are Rob and Tracy – each one the centre of his/her universe. Quite reasonably, Deirdre does not wish them to parade their sexuality in front of her while she is trying to eat her boiled egg.

Rob, (now fully clothed) who is clearly attracted to Tina, bumps into her and ask her what’s up. Thinking it could only be something to do with the kiss they shared a while ago, he mentions that and wonders  if that is why she appears down in the dumps. Not so, claims Tina but willingly accepts a lift into town from him. On their return Peter, who happens to be in the right place at the right time, is furious as he witnesses the peck on the cheek between Tina and Rob. Peter storms into Barlow’s Bargains and claims he’s angry with Rob for his behaviour with Tina, because he’s looking out for Tracy. As Rob points out Tracy is only Peter’s stepsister, so the blood thicker than water case that Peter is pursuing, doesn't wash.

So Peter has Rob pinned up against the wall when Tracy enters and immediately sides with Rob. Naturally, Peter persists in playing the part of the defending brother but it is clearly his raging jealousy that is the reason he is so ferocious towards Rob. It convinces those around him for now, because Rob and Peter have never got on, so  succeeds in shrouding the real reason. ‘You have terrible taste in men,’ Peter tells Tracy.

Does the terrible taste in men include Steve? In The Rovers the mother of Steve hears Tracy use the word bully. ‘Bully? Run in the family does it?’ asks Liz. Tracy replies, rather oddly, ‘Oh Liz, if looks could kill you’d be choking on your split ends.’ OK – an unpleasant comment in essence, but it just seems odd.  There’s more. Liz accuses Tracy of milking the idea that Rob was attacked and oddly Liz says, ‘I’ll send round a cow; you can milk that too.’ Tracy replies, ‘Cows, you’d know about those.’
Clearly the purpose of this exchange is to show the viewer the persistent and ongoing dislike between the ex-mother and daughter- in-law, but both women are verbally sharper and wittier than that exchange shows them to be, and it felt like a disservice to both. So, so important to get the dialogue absolutely right.

Tracy and Rob, after having been overheard by Deirdre, talking about how much cheaper it would be if they could move in with her, make her a meal with all the marrow trimmings. Deidre uses this opportunity to tell them just how much she would like a new plasma screen TV. Why not put the idea into their selfish heads? She might as well get something out of them.

Deirdre’s great line tonight, after she had said that Rob and Tracy were like her shadow, was in response to Tracy saying that most parents would be glad of their offspring wanting to spend time with them. ‘Most parents don’t have offspring like you!’ So good! All gone is the ‘Oh Tracy, love,’ of old.     
 And now, over to Sophie, editor of The Times, if Sally could have her way. Sophie is going to write a couple of pieces for the Weatherfield Soup Kitchen magazine, all proceeds to charity, but Sally, ever the social climber, sees her younger daughter as the new Janet Street Porter.

Maddie Heath, the handbag thief, ridicules and mocks the idea of Sophie writing for the magazine, asking Sophie exactly what experience she has of living on the streets.  As we know, and as Maddie knows, she has none. Taking on the character of Sophie, Maddie says, ‘From the comfort of your own centrally heated home…’ Sophie stands her ground and tells Maddie that she only wants to help. When Sophie stands up, she asks Maddie if she would like some vinegar. ‘What for?’ asks Maddie. ‘For that chip on your shoulder,’ comes the thought-provoking reply. ‘When you’re in your big comfy bed tonight, think of me won’t you?’  says Maddie.

Kal is proving to be an excellent addition to the cobbles. He appears as a ball of energy and eager for his clients to do their best, and thus better their lives. He does ask rather a lot of questions though as Leanne discovered, some of them perhaps a bit too personal, but Leanne has no problem telling him to keep his nose out. He asks several probing questions but is very circumspect when it comes to himself and his own personal life. Here’s hoping for some revelations soon.

So Leanne has gone to live with Stella for a while and Stella thinks this is a good idea. Gail is less sure though and maybe feels Nick is being abandoned. Still, Gail has her Alpine Meadow shower gel as consolation and must be pleased that Nick is cutting down his working hours.
Tonight’s star performance came from the brilliant Alison King, playing Carla. When Hayley said  that a few close friends would have to be told just how close to death she is, she wanted Carla to be included. Dutifully Roy calls at Carla’s, totally unprepared for Carla’s reaction. ‘She doesn’t want any visitors,’ says a hapless Roy to which Carla replies, ‘Come on Roy,’and off they go to see Hayley. At the upstairs door in the café, Roy becomes more assertive, but he’s no match for Carla and into the bedroom she goes.

With such sincerity and genuine friendship, Carla tells Hayley that though she cannot see them, all her friends are there with her. ‘If you can’t see us, we’re there.’ It is an unexpected, unusual friendship in that on the surface, at least, Hayley and Carla are two very different women. Each, though, recognises the other’s worth and it is a scene so sweet to see Carla and Hayley hugging each other and crying.
Hayley’s fear of death is evident and each of us must relate to her in thinking of our own mortality. ‘You’ve touched so many lives,’ Carla says, whereas she feels she has touched many pay packets. The fear Hayley expresses is raw and terrifying and she hates that she cannot carry on, rather like the time Hayley and her mum got stuck on a chairlift going down to the beach and her mother was petrified.
What was so brilliant about the Carla, Roy and Hayley scene was the writing got it just right. When asked by Roy if she took sugar, Carla, jokingly affronted, asks him, ‘Do I look like I take sugar?’ Just the right amount of levity, so deftly done.

Meanwhile Tina and Peter give in to their desire for each other, and somehow, it seems all the more ‘wrong’ (trying to avoid moralizing) that Carla is sobbing with her friend while her husband of just a few weeks, decides to betray her.

‘What’ve we done?’ asks Tina. ‘Something rather beautiful,’ says Peter, plumbing the depths of the cliché.

Roy’s bag pulls them up sharp though. As Roy explained, life without his notebook is tricky. He reclaims it, within its bag and Peter virtually shoves him down the stairs.

The final scene of Tina, alone and crying and silent speaks more eloquently than a thousand words.         

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Anonymous said...

I was surprised at how lardy Rob was, I thought he was more buff than that!

Unknown said...

Great review as always. I enjoyed the Hayley/Carla/Roy scenes. Beautifully written and acted. Like you I felt the scene between Tracy and Liz was rather childish. More so on Liz's part, I felt the cow comment rather stupid and immature. Surely the writers could have come up with something better than that for the feisty, witty Liz.

The Tina & Peter affair I don't like. I would rather it had been between Rob & Tracy. And alot of people are turning off of Tina - the one kind, loyal, friendly sweet Tina. She's had a personality transplant for the sake of the storyline - that's how I feel. I feel for the near 7 years she's been on the street the build up to her exit could be better. Obviously we don't know the full extent of what's to come but still an affair with a man twice her age seems odd for the girl who once dated David Platt & Graeme. I laughed when Peter was hoovering Tina off the cushions, I found that a highlight.

But overall I feel the show is still lacking a certain spark. The Hayley storyline is carrying Corrie and rightly so but otherwise there's nothing else big or thrilling to contrast it - if you get what I mean. But I found Tina's crying a rather beautiful touch to the episode.

But yes Alison King was tonight's star performer.

Anonymous said...

I may be in the minority but I do not feel sorry for Tina. Much in the same way that I did not feel sorry for Carla in 2011 after she spotted Peter and Leanne heading to see Santa with Simon, after they (Carla and Peter) both declared their love for each other (prior to them sleeping together) and he promised he was going home to end it with Leanne.

Tina has been chasing Peter to the point of stalking him; resorting even to childish games by trying to make him jealous by kissing his arch enemy. He has told her numerous times that he's a screwed up conundrum, but he loves Carla. He didn't jilt Carla at the altar for Tina like she was hoping for, nor will he leave Carla for her in the upcoming weeks.

I have very little sympathy for Tina, and her tears at the end just made me roll my eyes in disgust. I have had enough of her character being thrust into every storyline simply because the actress has been voted sexiest female three years running and the powers that be want to keep catering to her voters.

Between her storylines, the fact that she consistently is treated like she can't do any wrong (Liz: "you get into trouble, and you're done" Cue: Tina scrapping with Kylie in the street; half an hour later, Liz: "why don't you go home and put your feet up love?") and how we as viewers are supposed to constantly feel sorry for her, I am just fed up instead!

The constant Tina driven storylines, along with the corrie publicity team constantly promoting Michelle Keegan ad nauseum, has turned me off the show. I don't think I'll be tuning in anymore once Hayley passes on. What really is a shame though is that Alison King and Julie Hes were so incredibly wonderful tonight. Absolute star performances from them both, and their performances will be placed on the backburner while the publicity team continue to shove 'poor tina' drivel down our throats.

JA said...

I have to agree about Alison King. That was a superb performance. Carla actually made me cry and Julie Hes was absolutely brilliant too.

The Carla/Hayley/Roy scenes were poignant and beautiful but the Peter and Tina scenes really cheapened it all. Carla is informed that her closest friend has just weeks to live and rushes off to see her. Peter decides that would be the ideal time to drag Tina to Carla's bed, whilst she is breaking her heart at her dying friend's bedside. Very uncomfortable viewing.

I could go on about how disgusted and disappointed I am with both Peter and Tina but I can't be bothered. All I will say is that they look like father and daughter and the storyline is embarrassing to watch.

Anonymous said...

"lsrdy"? What is this British obsession with rail thin body types? Repulsive.

Anonymous said...

*"lardy" - stupid robot.

Frosty the Snowman said...

As you say the final scene with Tina crying tears of self pity for a situation she has created herself after the tacky bunk up with the Street's serial shagger against the tears of Hayley and Carla made a point for Frosty. And the inarticulate mumbler Sawphie has an "A" in English? Whaaaaa? - and they say the exams are dumbed down these days? Guffaws.

NZ Coro Junkie said...

The tawdry Peter/Tina storyline is so ickily repulsive that, with the Carla crossover, it now risks debasing the beautifully poignant Hayley storyline. Please let it be over soon. Except that it will probably mean that Carla and Peter will also be over. And that is such a waste. Like wanton destructiveness. I feel quite angry about it.

On a more positive note, the three most recent additions (Kal, Andrea and Maddie) all seem to have a certain spark of energy that can only bode well for the future. So long as the writers can come up with some original ideas and meaty scripts.

John McE said...

What is it with Kal - he can't keep his hands off Dev, touching him in every scene they share together.

A new bromance in the offing?

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'd like to know what the writers expect viewers to feel about the Peter/Tina storyline. Surely it's not nausea; it's almost unwatchable. I realise it's the run-up to a whodunit story but, honestly, will anyone care at the end of it?

Ping Pong Poon said...

Grubby in the extreme a - like two dogs on heat, the middle aged Peter at it with the barmaid who looks after his kid who is young enough to be his daughter while the "love of his life" visits a dying friend. The scene just made me want to take a shower afterwards,

Anonymous said...

Tina's an idiot just like her father. Good riddance to an increasingly annoying character.
Are we really going to be subject to that awful Sophie and yet another attempt to pair her up with someone? The writers really had to think about this one. The homeless bird with a large chip on her shoulder and an even larger mouth has never been done before. (Fiz,Kylie,Becky etc

Newfy Pearl said...

The story would have made more sense if Tina had an affair with Rob. After being dumped by Tommy the man she did so much could have been a turning point. She could be on a path of self destruction which would have put her in Tracy's path. That would have been interesting. As it is I feel bad for Carla.....and I always thought I would look forward to Peter doing the dirty on her as he did poor Leanne. But instead I feel bad for Carla and this cannot be!

Humpty Dumpty said...

As posters above have said, it would have made a lot more sense if Tina and Rob had got together but then Peter wouldn't have a reason for leaving the Street. CG's departure has triggered a storyline that would never have seen the light of day if he'd been staying. So I'm not going to comment on it anymore (ha! some chance) because it dignifies a storyline that was slung together in the coffee break.


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