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Sunday 29 December 2013

Corrie weekly awards for December 22 - 27

Fashion flare: Tyrone's sweater. Loved it!

Fashion shout outs: Norris' snorkel anorak. Might be appropriate for Canada's winters but probably overkill for Weatherfield. Lloyd's got a snowflake jumper as well. Michelle's new green top really was nice.

Tradition award: The McDonald Christmas dinner sounds dire. Nobody likes anything but they'll choke it down because it's tradition.

Cat's out of the bag award: Kylie's at it again.

Hypocrite award: Peter nobbing on to Tina about Rob not being available. Pot? Kettle?

Dad of the year award (tarnished): Tim handed Faye cash right out of his wallet on the day. She didn't even get a card to put it in.

If looks could kill award: Liz and Michelle, after meeting Andrea.

Bromance award: Tyrone and Jason! Love that the writers have finally remembered that they're good mates.

Pants on Fire:
Steve made out he found Michelle's top when Andrea actually picked it out.

One Hit Wonder award: Leanne said she'd always leave if anyone hit her just once. Now she knows it's not as simple as all that, under these circumstances.

Sourpuss award aka Who peed in your cornflakes? Michelle

Lines of the week:

Hayley to Roy: "Stop being so Bah Humbug about everything. It's Christmas with friends and family and if that includes a visit to a fat man with a white beard then so be it!"
Rita about Dennis: "I just hope now he's got it out of his system" (I think this is just the beginning)
Anna: "It's one thing being his front man but I don't want you being his fall guy"
Gail about Kylie: "She made her sister look like Kate Middleton" and "She's not fit for purpose" and to David "And I thought *you* were bad" (Oh come now, she's nowhere near as bad as David was!)
Kylie: "You're all frightened of the truth"
Kylie: "Listen to you all, purer than the driven snow!"
Peter: "I've already got a wife, I don't need you being in a mood with me as well"
Peter: "World's over rated"
Jason: "Does Santa have a wife?" (of course. Mrs. Claus is legendary!)
Deirdre :"Heat kills germs. Just watch out for the teeth marks, we'll just have to carve round them!"
Rob to Lloyd re the jumper: "Respect for the knitwear, mate!"
Rob about Deirdre: "She's making a halo out of mistletoe" Steve "Oohhhh that's someone that could make mistletoe into a weapon of mass destruction"
Mary after singing an inappropriate carol: "Why didn't I go for Bing?"
Deirdre: "Come to Deirdre" (shudder)
Hayley: "I want to book it before we go while I still believe I can (go)"
Nick:"You don't want to upset the Beast of Weatherfield"
Leanne to Kylie: "Don't let your temper or your pride make the wrong call. Trust me. I speak from bitter experience" (and she does)

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abbyk said...

Ghost of Christmas Past: Tyrone channeling Jack. Runners up were a tie between Becky's card and the tinsel around Betty's portrait.

We've got enough chav, maybe some borscht would be nice (that's a play on words in Yiddish, sorry): Maddie. Oh she had better bring something to the table besides bad manners and awful clothes.

Roll out the red carpet: Andrea. She really does seem to fit in well, and got our attention without doing anything wrong.

Mirror Mirror: the fun side of Jenna, punking Lloyd with that sweater. Away from Sophie, I do like her. Wish she had a real job. Santa?

Hayley said...

Handbag award: Leanne. Has anyone noticed she has a handbag with her in pretty much every scene she's in? Someone needs to do a gallery of it or something.

Rosie said...

Handbags! Yes! I remember Fiz had a liking for quirky handbags.

Anonymous said...

Pointless storyline - Peter and Tina. I guess once CF was fired, the writers had to scramble to figure out what to do with Tina, and of course, the writers fell back on the good old standby affair/death of a character plot. Tina gets to have both! What a load of tripe.

Anonymous said...

Let us pray that Andrea shows us the back of Michelle - let sourpuss Liz decide to up her game and turn into a mature and better person once Michelle is out of the picture. Time for some folk on this Street to grow up.


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