Sunday, 15 December 2013

Corrie weekly awards for December 6 - 13

 Air Guitar award: Dennis!

Phrase of Doom: Leanne asked Peter if he was going to mess this one up. Noooo chance, sez the groom. and the groom tells his new wife nothing's going to happen, either. the words "slope" and "slippery" occur to anyone?

Jealous harridan award:
Rita really is unpleasant to Dennis a lot of the time.

Reverse psychology award: Dev wanted nothing to do with the trainer until he thought they all thought Kal was lording it over Dev or he couldn't afford a trainer. Nick seemed more interested when Kal implied he wasn't up to it either. leading to....

Goading award: I'd say Kal is very good at poking holes in egos and excuses.
Fashion Accessory shout: Kylie's Rebel earrings.

Second chance award: Kylie took David's hand. It's a start. It won't happen yet, but it's the first step.

Damp Squib award: Rita. Rain on anyone's parade, lately, Have you?

Blackmail award: I can understand Nick's anger but it's not fair to make your mother choose.

Pants on Fire: Brian and even when he's caught, he waffles on about "if he's lied" *if*.

Delusional award:
Mary wants to attend a 60s night as Twiggy.

Lines of the week
Dennis "There's not much rock and roll in the life of a lollipop man"
Gary "I know it's hard to believe but I've grown up!"
Dennis "I was rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers in the 60s" Rita "You were  rubbing shoulders with tramps and winos when I found you" (Totally uncalled for!)
Nick "Him or me, mum, decide"
Audrey to Gail "Who'd you think you are? John Wayne"
Nick to Audrey "Getting David to do your dirty work?" Audrey "Like you got your mum to do yours?"
Dennis "I'm busy." Rita "Doing what?" Dennis "Moving. and Shaking"
David "Whatever Nicky wants, Nicky gets. Always"
Nick "I wasn't goading him. I was just telling him like it is!" (Yes you were bullying him)
Julie about Brian "He was like a Greek God. Turned out to be just fancy dress"

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John McE said...

Who exactly was looking after Kylie's kids on Friday? Everyone was at the cop shop, except Kylie who was drunk as a skunk in t'Rovers.

And for that matter, who was looking after Maria's son too, as both her and Marcus were out.

No wonder Emily hardly appears these days, she must be running a full time crèche!

And what is it with the new personal trainer - he can hardly keep his hands off Dev. The next big gay relationship in the Street, perhaps?

Hannah said...

Loved the line that stella said to Dennis "have you taken up flamingo dancing Dennis?"

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