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Monday 23 December 2013

Favourite Corrie couples countdown - ninth poll

Hello all! Now, I hope you've voted in the seventh poll of ten because that is now officially closed. But you have until midnight next Monday to vote for two of your favourite couples in the eighth poll.

So, who's in our penultimate poll?

David Barlow and Irma Ogden/Barlow (1964-1968) – Irma was flattered by David’s interest in her and gladly accepted his marriage proposal. They had a quiet wedding, only for the whole street to turn up at their reception. David retired from football and they bought the Corner Shop in 1966. Irma later suffered a miscarriage. By 1968, David had grown tired of shop life and decided to return to football and was offered a place on an Australian team. The Barlows sold up and emigrated. Irma gave birth to Darren that year. Sadly, Irma returned alone in 1970 – both David and Darren had died in a car crash in Australia.

Ashley Peacock and Maxine Heavey/Peacock (1997, 1999-2003) – Although mismatched, they loved each other. After an on/off romance, they married in 1999. The marriage did have problems, like Maxine having problems getting pregnant by Ashley. While Ashley was having an operation, Maxine drunkenly spent the night with GP Matt Ramsden and fell pregnant. Joshua was born in 2001. Although angered that Matt was the father, Ashley brought Josh up as his own. By 2003, the Peacocks were happy but tragedy happened when Richard Hillman murdered Maxine after she interrupted him attacking Emily. Ashley was left a widower at 26.

David Platt and Kylie Turner/Platt (2011- ) – Gail and Audrey were shocked when David returned from Tenerife with Kylie in tow, saying they were engaged. They had a double wedding with Graeme and Xin that year and Kylie and David soon regained custody of Max. The couple had a happy period until David started pressurising Kylie to have a baby and they briefly split up. A fed up Kylie confided in Nick and they slept together, but agreed not to tell David. Kylie later fell pregnant and was worried who was the father. A few months later David found out and secretly sabotaged Nick’s business and when he confronted him, he nearly killed him in a van/lorry crash. David found out he was the father and hoped Nick wouldn’t remember. But he did and told Kylie. Since then, David and Kylie have separated as David tries to win her back.

Jack and Vera Duckworth (1979, 1981-2008) – One of Corrie’s most iconic couples who were a part of our lives for over 25 years. Jack was a layabout who liked nothing more than supping in the Rovers, while Vera was loud, brash and nosy. They made their mark on the street by installing stone cladding on No.9. Vera was elated when her father falsely told her the family was in the royal lineage and she put on airs and graces when she became Rovers landlady in 1995. During their time behind the bar, they shared many a classic moment like Vera’s attempt at seducing Jack or Jack pinching Betty’s bum. They moved out of the Rovers in 1999 and over the next few years they still bickered – be it over Vera’s decision to rename their house ‘The Old Rectory’ or Jack becoming a nude model. ‘Our Terry’ was also a point of debate between them. Sadly, the partnership ended with Vera’s death in 2008. Jack was lost without his little ‘swampduck’.
Jason Grimshaw and Sarah Platt/Grimshaw (2005-2007) – Although they had a schooldays fling, they embarked on a real relationship in 2005, after Jason was dumped by Violet Wilson. The relationship didn’t please Eileen or Gail as Sarah had already had a failed relationship with Jason’s brother Todd. Sarah’s insecurity about Jason’s relationship with Violet was an early problem with Sarah dumping him in the Rovers. But, determined to be with her, Jason proposed. The wedding is a disaster as Jason jumps through a toilet window. But they reconcile and despite David’s sabotaging and scheming, they marry on Halloween 2007. But by the end of the year, the marriage is over as Jason decides not to join Sarah and Bethany in Milan.

Have you got favourites in this five? Well, vote for two of them and we'll see where they'll be in the countdown! The poll closes at midnight on Monday, 6th of January.

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Anonymous said...

Stan and Hilda Ogden should be on the list!

Hannah said...

David and Kylie and Jason and sarah


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