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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Wicked Witch of the North: Mon Jun 7, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Stephen Russell and Chris Fewtrell, directed by David Kester & Ian Bevitt

Well, here we are fans – a week later, but the siege and Gail’s trial continues.

David’s got sweaty palms as he waits for his turn to take the stand as a witness.  Just as we all thought, and perhaps he did, the prosecution ripped himJune-7-2010-David-Stand apart and managed to discredit his word almost as much as the defence had done to Tracy Barlow.  What does this mean for Gail now?  Well, it’s not looking good.  David accidentally admits in court that it was HE who sent Tina the text messages presumably from her father, NOT Gail, which is the story they’d agreed too.  Seems like this jury has heard enough lies for one court case!  Audrey doesn’t feel good by the end of it figuring that she knows Gail is not guilty, but after hearing the trial thinks she could be since it was such a bad case against her.  The only one happy in court today is Tina McIntyre, who figures that Gail will definitely go down know and there might be some justice for her father’s death.

June-7-2010-David-Tina David can’t let this sit and he sees Tina on the street and requests a conversation with her.  He tries again to convince her of his mother’s innocence, but she doesn’t believe it.  She doesn’t even know why he’s trying to convince her since the trial is over and there’s nowt she could do now even if she changed her mind.  David tells her that it’s important for him to know that she believes, not just thinks, that his mum is innocent.  Later, in Gail’s cell, Gail cries to her cellmate about how she blames Tracy Barlow for possiblyJune-7-2010-Gail-CellMate sending her down and her cellmate has lots of sympathy for her.  So what’ll it be folks, are you on the edge of your seat?  I’m not really.  I’m positive that Gail will come out innocent.

Speaking of innocence, Maria Connor returns back on the street on hiatus from Ireland to deal with Ladrags with Carla and tie up some other loose ends.  She has no clue what she’s about to get herself into.  Kirk convinces her to have a drink in the pub before dealing with Carla, and Maria takes him up on it since she’s not exactly looking forward to talking to the “wicked witch of the north.” 

June-7-2010-Hostages When Maria’s enjoying her drink, Hayley and Carla are fearing for their lives.  Both women try to convince Robbie that it’s not too late, and that he can leave now and call the police.  To which both Robbie and Tony scoff at.  The ladies can’t convince Robbie to go to the police but they manage to get inside his head by telling him that Tony’s going to double-cross him.  Robbie begins to believe them as Tony goes into the safe to get the float money to pay him with only to discover it’sJune-7-2010-Dead-Robbie not there.  No, it’s safely sitting in the purse of a Polish lady in the Lake Districts.  Or, perhaps in the cash register of a travel agency by now!  Tony’s plan is somewhat foiled, and Robbie isn’t happy that there’s no cash.  Tony manages to tell Robbie that his accountant will meet him with the money, and Robbie really has no choice here.  When Robbie threatens to shoot Tony unless he gets some money, Tony manages to convince him otherwise and hand over the gun.  When Robbie does this, it’s all downhill.  Tony says he’ll give him the money, just not today, and Robbie doesn’t like that so Tony shoots him in cold blood shocking both of his hostages.  If he could kill Robbie so easily, certainly he could kill them just as well, no? Tony makes it clear that his intent is indeed to kill them both, just to remove all doubt.

June-7-2010-Tony-Maria Tony’s plan doesn’t get any better as Maria comes knocking at Underworld’s door.  He gags Hayley and takes off Carla’s bounds to force her to tell Maria to go away.  Maria is persistent with Carla and ignores her pleas to leave.  Finally, Carla spills about Tony and the gun and Tony knocks her to the floor and grabs Maria and pulls her in.  Maria is shocked to see Hayley tied up, Carla at gun point, and a dead man in a pool of his own blood on the floor.  Maria tries to convince Tony to let them all go, but he’s not letting Hayley and Carla go.  He tells Maria that he’ll let her go, once he’s ‘done.’  Maria tries to run, but Tony points the gun towards her and says he’ll shoot if she leaves.  She calls bluff saying “no you won’t” turns her back and runs.  Once on the street, she’s a mess.  Hopefully she’ll get it together and call the police because once sheJune-7-2010-Gary-Windass left Tony soaks Hayley, Carla and Underworld in petrol and plans for them all to burn. 

WOW.  So, we’ve already got one death, and there are supposed to be two deaths in this siege.  Who do you think number two will be?  Clearly, it’s not Maria.  I don’t think it’ll be Hayley either, since she’s got that bit wedding coming up.  I think it could be either Carla or Tony.  Carla possibly because the previews for next week indicate her not being around anymore.  Is that because she’s so caught up with grief she takes another leave,or is it because she is no longer?  It’s a possibility but my money’s on Tony either dying in the fire or taking his own life after all he’s done.  Thoughts?

In other news, Gary’s back on the street on leave – this time for real!  Finally, some good news this episode!  Also, Natasha is making herself quite at home playing house with Nick and the boys.  When did she go from being a funky hairstylist to a Stepford wife?  I have no idea.  The factory girls are worried about their jobs, as usual, especially after they hear that Carla has instructed the builders to drop tool. 


- David still sticking up for his mum’s innocence and good name even after the trial is over. 

- Maria asking they change the subject when talking of Tony, and then asking Kirk where he’s living, and Kirk asking to change the subject.  Not much to talkJune-7-2010-Natasha-Betty-Draper about, eh?

- Hayley talking to Robbie about there being a man in a gift shop under a hotel in Blackpool that had the same accent as he.  While, the siege is going on.  Really?  Irrelevant right now much?  But classic Hayley!

- David telling the court that his mum doesn’t even have the imagination to come up with a story like the one they’re accusing her of.  It’s true, really but they don’t know Gail like we do.


- Did I miss something, when did Norris become so cordial or “civil” towards ScaryMary?  Not so long ago he was accusing her of attempted murder!!!

- Trev thinking that NOW is a good time to tell Carla about his world cup tickets.  Ashley quickly points out that with all that’s going on at Underworld it’s probably not the best time.  Oh, he has no idea.

- What’s with Natasha’s Stepford Wife ala Betty Draper look?  Why do I get the feeling that Natasha’s going to go the route of ScaryMary?

- Tony asking Hayley to quit her snivelling and be a “man” about this.

- Maria threw one of baby Liam’s tops away because he got iced cream on it?  She must go through a lot of tops!

- I know this is late in the game, but as far as the new HD credits are concerned: I really like them and all, but I’ve found myself really missing the old ones!!! I think it almost has more to do with the rejuvenation of the theme song rather than the video.  I miss the static-y warble of the trumpets!


Glenda Young said...

I can't have been the only one wanting him to shoot Maria... can I?

Sea Penguin said...

I was hoping it would be Hayley.

Tvor said...

Tony was really nasty to Hayley wasn't he?

I wonder if both Carla and Tony are going to die? Maybe the studio has really been good at keeping this one under wraps, otherwise i'd say possibly Carla is badly injured or burned and is in hospital. I'm sure Tony will die. He's a bad'un and Soap Law dictates he cannot go free and under these circumstances, he's bound to be killed, either directly from Carla's hand (seeing some of the preview pics) or from the fire.

Clare said...

I read somewhere that Carla drops down from the balcony. I think it's Tony. And no, Flaming Nora, you weren't the only one that was hoping he'd shoot Maria lol.

gadgee said...

Gripping stuff. Really enjoying siege week. Well, what was meant to be siege week.
Who was it that referred to Nick as Max Headroom? Absolutely spot on!
As regards the awful new music, I don't like the way they've started bringing it in slightly earlier during the last scene before the break/end. At the beginning it's quite horn-heavy i think, which lends it a 'comic sting' air. Fine if you're going to a break on a one liner from Norris or Graeme or whoever, but totally knackered the dramatic tension in the scenes in the factory.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed last night's eps.

I'm glad to see Maria back. I also liked the dialogue between Carla and Tony, but I felt that she was just too ballsy, talking up to him all the time. I know she's a strongheaded character, but it just seemed unrealistic that she would goad a man with a gun - especially after he 'proved himself' by killing Robbie.

It was a nice touch that we got to see Tony's softer side towards Maria and the baby pics, otherwise any likeability of Tony would have gone considering how violent he was with Carla.

I can't help but think Tony will be the only other person who dies. However, there has been speculation that a long term character dies, so who knows. I hope Hayley survives, but I don't think I would miss Carla.

John said...

Surely when Hayley was wittering on to Robbie about knowing someone just like him in Blackpool, she was simply trying to "befriend" him, so that he would be less likely to kill her.

Since the synopses say that Carla gets arrested, I think we can safely deduce who it is that won't be getting out of the factory alive.

Personally, I've enjoyed the last few episodes a lot more than any others for a long, long time.

John said...

Recently, every time I try to leave a comment, the first time it invariably says there's been an error, but on resubmitting it, it gets accepted. Is anyone else having the same problem?

David Camerooon said...

I am sorry but I didnt enjoy this, it was contrived and predictable. Would Carla really be such a smart mouth facing someone with a gun who had killed before? Tony couldnt bring himself to kill Roy but jumped in the canal to rescue him, now suddenly he shoots his mate in cold blood, doesnt gel for me. Maria is as annoying as ever, how come she turned up with no luggage, no place to stay, and just dumped Liam on Michelle? We all know how its going to turn out as well. Over hyped IMO.

Tvor said...

Ooh i've not seen that spoiler about Carla getting arrested! It doesn't make sense really. If she's the one that kills Tony wouldn't it be in self defence? We'll find out tonight!

Anonymous said...

I suppose that's the justice system for you; you kill someone, even in what should obviously be self defence, you have to be arrested.
Also, the actress is probably due for some R&R after such grueling scenes!

I too think Tony will be the other one killed because the actor is going on to do other things.

I'm not a great fan of the character Maria, and it was weird to see how tender and sentimental Tony was with her whilst looking at Liam's pics.

I also was not happy with the aggressive way Carla was with those two very desperate and dangerous men!

Even Maria was a bit stroppy with Tony, when she has a baby to think of and she could see the gravity of the situation she was dragged into.
Haley, as befits her personality, was the more 'cool' one, but the story would most likely have progressed quite differently if all three had been compliant.

I believe it was Janice who called Nick "Max Headroom" and she called Carla something, but I couldn't catch it.

Cobblestone said...

Oh come on, drama IS conflict. It's not real life; it's a highened form of reality, with its own conventions. If all three women had sat there, bowed and compliant in their terror, where would the entertainment value be? Wihin these conventions, I can qute easily buy into the dramatic conceit that Carla believed she was as good as dead anyway "re. her words to Maria "We're as good as dead already; save yourself!")and that her utter contempt and loathing for Tony is what led her ballsy, agressive attitude. Personally I found myself cheering her.

And I really don't get why so many people find Maria objectionable and whiney. Her presence was a crucial component in the unfolding of the drama and the unravelling of Tony's twisted mind. Yes, it was a colossal coincidence that she happened to come walzing back to Weatherfield on the very day Tony was holding hostages at Underworld, but, like I said, dramatic licence. This is how you put together a drama, and it requires the viewer to suspend disbelief.

Oh and Anonymous; Janice called Carla by the well-established nickname of Cruella when she dubbed Nick 'Max Headroom'. Hope 'Max' sticks too ;)

Clare said...

No she didn't. She called her Morticia.


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