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Friday 11 June 2010

Trust Me: Thu Jun 10, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Jan McVerry (1st epi) and Jayne Hollinson (2nd epi), directed by Tim Dowd & Ian Bevitt

The verdict is in, and Gail is: not guilty.  Everyone is happy, except for Tina that is.  And well, Mary’s on her side, but Mary’s crazy so her opinion doesn’t holdJune-10-2010-Tina-Protest much weight.  And the coppers, but for them it wasn’t personal – just business.  Was there ever any doubt though?  Tina’s go no doubts in her mind.  She thinks Gail’s guilty as sin and yells it out in the court, accusing them of injustice.  Oh, shaddup!  Gail thanks her solicitor for all he’s done, and just wants to go home.  The minute she arrives she sees the state of Underworld and a large “Welcome back, Mrs. Mac” done by Graeme on her roof.  Not exactly the welcoming she’d been hoping for.  She tells Graeme to take the banner down since Joe is still dead, there’s nothing to celebrate.  Hardly!  How about celebrating the fact that you didn’t go down for life!  Oh Gail, you doth protest too much.

June-10-2010-Tracy-Beaten Later, Eileen comes over to Gail’s to tell her that she’s glad she’s back and so is everyone else.  Gail asks Eileen if she can’t make Tina see sense, but Eileen’s not a miracle worker!  Eileen figures that they should just give Tina some space and let her come around to it on her own.  Yeah, Tina’s a little slower than the rest of the herd.  Lewis is welcoming Gail back at the same time introducing himself at her welcome home party when Gail spots Tina in the street and runs out.  She gets the expected attitude from Tina, but tells her that she’s a victim too.  Audrey and David have to pull Gail back home and Audrey tells Gail to forget Tina since she means nothing to her now.  She’s pretty much right, they weren’t exactly close. 

Deirdre and Ken hear Gail’s verdict and Ken figures they can all sleep better tonight.  Only Deirdre reminds her that Tracy won’t.  Oh, she definitely won’t.  ItJune-10-2010-Tracy-Hospital would seem that Gail’s trusty old cellmate had some revenge to exact and our little Tricky Tracy will be soon to get her comeuppance.  The cellmates throw a bucket of dirty floor washing water on Tracy, the grab her and drag her into an empty room.  We can’t see what’s happen, but it’s clear to assume Tracy’s gotten a beating Becky Granger McDonald style.  My assumption is correct when later Deirdre gets a phone call from the prison to let her know that Tracy’s been taken to Weatherfield General after ‘slipping in the shower.”  Deirdre knew that this would happen and that Tracy will be marked as a grass.  As if her situation could get any worse?  They see her badly beaten face in hospital and Deirdre breaks down.  I don’t condone violence in any way, shape or form, but Tracy had to know that something like this might have happened.  Tracy finally confesses to her mum that she lied about Gail confessing and Deirdre is so disappointed she and Ken walk out on Tracy.  Is this finally the last we see of Tracy Barlow, please?  Tracy tells Deirdre before she leaves to tell Amy that her mum would do anything for her but Deirdre can’t listen to anymore and leaves. 

June-10-2010-Peter-Nick Back on the street, Deirdre sees Gail and can’t just ignore her.  She runs over and tells Gail that what Tracy did was unforgivable and how she’s paying for it since the women on the wing have turned on her.  Deirdre pleads with Gail to believe her that Tracy was lying to her as well, but Gail is SO angry over Tracy that she’s positively spitting.  Well, prison’s definitely hardened Gail a bit and for the better as she yells at people in the street.  Later, Eileen tells Tina that Deirdre said Tracy was lying about Gail’s confession and Tina looks confused.  Over at the pub, Nick and Peter get into it over Tracy vs. Gail and then things get personal as Nick labels Peter a drunk .  Won’t somebody stop the madness?  Oh, thank goodness Lewis has gotten in between them two, he’s finally proven himself useful!  Tina finds Ken in the cafe and asks if it’s true that Tracy made it all up and Ken confirms it.  Tina’s having trouble hearing this, but still believes Gail to be guilty regardless of whether or not Tracy was telling the truth.  Oh, belief is a powerful thing.   

It’s the next morning and Gail’s trying to get integrated back into civilian life by doing the scrubbing.  With those boys there for the entire time she’s gone, I reckon the place could use a good scouring since David only knows how to iron.  Gail confesses to Audrey that she’s still grieving heavily now for Joe and having trouble getting back into her own life.  Audrey’s got a lot of time to console Gail since Lewis has been cancelling on her and has taken a bit of a liking to DeirdreJune-10-2010-Tina-Graeme Barlow.  How do you spell Lewis? T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  I bet when he was a young lad folk would say that he’d always be trouble. 

Poor Gail, since the trial is over, Joe’s items are being returned to his last residence including his boat, the “Gail Force.”  Gail should really take that holiday to Milan, the sooner the better.  The detective comes by to deliver the boat but Gail tells him to take it away.  Tina sees it and says she’s glad it’s there since Gail will have to face seeing it now and be reminded of what Tina thinks she did.  Graeme walks with Tina and tells her that Gail’s just as upset as Tina is about all of this.  Tina can’t figure out why everyone’s defending Gail.  Graeme says he lives with Gail and has seen the state she’s in and there’s no way it’s an act.  Tina says she doesn’t want Gail to have done it, and Graeme reminds her that she wants an ending, even if there isn’t one.

June-10-2010-Gail-Tina Gail goes out to look at the Gail Force boat, the last place her beloved husband was alive, and she hears crying.  She climbs up the side of the boat and finds Tina sat inside sobbing.  Once Tina sees Gail, she straightens herself up and immediately goes to leave by Gail tells her to stay.  Tina says she was trying to get into Joe’s head and asks Gail what she thinks he was thinking.  Gail says the most awful part is not knowing.  Gail tells Tina that it all seems so unfinished.  Gail says she can understand how Tina could thing she may have done it, and at least she knows that SHE didn’t, but Tina doesn’t even have that relief.  Tina tells Gail that she wants to believe her, so Gail asks for her trust and they can mourn him together.  Tina gets up and leaves and Gail looks defeated again. 

Mary goes to pay Norris his dues, since they made a bet on Gail’s outcome and she lost.  She hands her money over toJune-10-2010-Gary-Owen Norris as David glares at this interaction with disapproval looking a lot like THIS sinister guy.   

In the pub, that older gent is still haranguing Izzy and Gary’s watching just in case he gets out of hand.  They start to argue, and the older man even puts his hand on Izzy’s wheelchair controls to keep her from leaving and Gary steps in.  Gary gets told when the older gent lets it be known that he’s not some old random creeper, but her father the creeper.  Gary backs away and when her father leaves he asks her about it.  She tells him that her father’s always been so overprotective that it’s ruined her adult life and she needed space.  Gary thinks that it’s good at least that he cares enough about her, but Izzy just wants her freedom and another pint from Private Windass. 

June-10-2010-Liz-Owen Izzy might not be happy to see her father, but Liz sure is.  She’s got her prowl on as Izzy’s dad enters the Rovers and asks if he could leave something there for her since she doesn’t want to see him. She says he can leave the package as long as he buys a drink and they start to chat each other up.  Izzy’s dad seems like a nice guy, maybe he can adopt Tina and be the father she always thought she had.  Later, Liz delivers Izzy’s package from her father to her.  Inside there’s some pastries that are her and Gary’s favourites.  Also, her favourite band cd is in there, plus her favourite perfume.  Gary notes that not many dads know those favourites and certainly not his father!  I bet Liz is hoping that one day she’d get a bag of her favourites too.  Gary tells her that everyone deserves a second chance then leaves Izzy to pour over her father’s gifts.  Oh, what I would do to get a bag of gifts from my father!  She has no idea how lucky she is and I think Gary and Liz think the same thing.  Izzy meets with her father and warns him that if he’s to be in her life, he must respect her choices.  She makes him repeat after her: “I’m an overbearing control freak, but I promise to change my ways.  Dad’s happy and orders their drinks and Liz tells him they’re on the house.  Oh, Liz is my favourite barmaid and one of my favourite Corrie characters.  Did I ever mention that?  Things like this are why. 

Carla can’t get one day’s rest, since at her flat the police arrive and arrest her for assault and possession of a weapon, since, it’s protocol.  Trev is outraged thatJune-10-2010-Trev-Carla they are arresting her in the first place, never mind giving her time to rest since she’s just come out of hospital.  Carla returns home later, without her passport and Trev can’t understand why she’s not angry.  Probably because she’s suffering from some kind of post-traumatic-shock perhaps?  Trev tries to reassure her that Tony’s gone for good, but Carla reminds her that so is Liam, Paul and her factory. 

Trev lets Carla sleep and tells the lads down at the Rovers that he’s pulling out of the World Cup trip, since Carla needs him.  Steve and Ashley remind him that this World Cup trip is his baby, three years in the making.  When Trev’s gone, the rest of the lads talk about how he’s out of the trip and Tyrone starts to back out since he says he’s worried about leaving June-10-2010-Boys-Pub Molly pregnant and all.  Why doesn’t he ask Kev to keep an eye on her?  Ba-dum-cheeee!  The rest of them all come up with their own excuses: Steve – adoption meetings, Peter – wedding to pay for, Ashley – Graeme alone in the butcher shop.  Eileen is sat at the bar while their debate goes on, waiting for a drink as Steve tells her to wait longer since he’s busy.  Top notch customer service there!  They all decide to give up on the trip, and Peter’s going on the internet to sell the tickets. 

Nick goes to talk to Carla at her flat since she’s not answering her phone to see where she’s at.  Carla tells him her arrest troubles and how Underworld is the last thing from her mind.  Nick realizes she’s been through hell but he needs to start up with business again.  Trev overhears them, and shoves Nick telling him to beat it.  Nick tells Carla that eventhough Tony’s dead he’s still winning if she gives up.  Later, Trev asks Carla what she thinks about running away to South Africa with him.  She reminds him that she doesn’t have a passport, but he says when she gets it back they can both go.  Carla wonders if it’s a coincidence that the world cup is on.  He tells her how he planned to go with the lads but dropped out after everything’d happened but since they’ve dropped out as well they could both now go.  Carla tells him she’s definitely up for it, but she wants to see what happens.

Nick meets with Paul Stokes and Paul offers him the order again, and Nick says it might be a bit tricky.  A bit?!  Nick says he’s sure he can pull through the order,June-10-2010-Stape and the two me shake on it.  Oh, boy. 

Meanwhile, Roy tries to help Hayley out with her ordeal but feels he’s not doing enough.  Anna says that the best way to cheer a woman up is with some romance

Over at the Stape’s (ugh, I even hate saying that) Ches asks John to borrow 150 quid, saying that he needs it for a flight to his friend’s mum’s timeshare in Turkey.  John doesn’t give him the money, but says he’ll think about it.  I have such a hard time watching scenes with John Stape in them, I loathe this character so much. 


- I’ll say it again – when did Mary and Norris become bezzy-mates again?  Not that I mind, I like these two together, but it just seems a little ‘soon.’

- David’s sneaky little smug “I told ya so” smile when Tina was screaming out against Gail’s non-guilty verdict.  Heh-heh, little bit of old David in there!

- Gary standing up for Izzy in the pub against this strange man that he didn’t know was her father.  And they say chivalry is dead.  Two questions: 1) How didJune-10-2010-Graeme-Welcome Gary turn out to be so gentlemanly with such a poor male role model, and 2) How can I get Private Windass to stand up for me in a pub?  A girl can dream. 

- Can I just say how good it is to see Graeme showing off his nice head of hair without that stupid cap on all the time? 

- Carla and Trev’s relationship is coming along quite nicely, especially when I thought it wouldn’t last.  I could easily see the two of them leaving the street together in the future though.  Not that I don’t like them, I can just see it happening. 

- Love seeing the English flag hanging in the Rovers for the World Cup support!

- Gail putting her mustard back into the cupboard after finding that Natasha had put it in the fridge.  Haha, I completely understand this as I’d rather have someone sleep in my bed and take a shower in my bath than have them in my kitchen! 


- The police arresting Carla.  I know it’s protocol, but really?  Ech.

- Deirdre going to see a battered Tracy in the hospital and wonders on the way if her lovely face is scarred.  Oh, really!  That’s only something a mother would say.  Tracy’s only in there for LIFE, what does it matter?

- Poor Deirdre for having to deal with that rotten daughter! 

- Poor Gail for having to endure further hardship over another man again.  Do you think Eileen’s right, will Gail’s time in prison change her?


David Cameroon said...

So Gail is found not guilty, what a BIG surprise - not. I find it very irritating when a big to-do is made about something which is a foregone conclusion. Why was Natasha still hanging around when Gail got home, Nick wasnt even there and she is hardly a long term girlfriend.

And did anyone notice that Izzy's dad didnt pay for his drink that Liz demand he buy for her to hand over the package to Izzy. Free drinks and free parcel service, cant be bad. Also Liz's hair seems to have grown about 4 inches over night!

Anonymous said...

Yes he did - he left a couple of quid on the bar as he left.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, I thought that about Janice's hair when she was standing around on the street.

Fancy leaving that huge boat out front, wouldn't you think ( ah that's the answer then) that someone would, under the circumstances, call first to see if/what they wanted doing with it?

I'm glad Gail's innocent, not that there was much doubt.

Guess we won't be seeing anymore of Tracy-luv anytime soon...

Yes, Izzy's dad did drop some coins on the bar, did you see the way he turned back at the door to look at Liz?

Anonymous said...

That man, Izzy's dad, somehow reminds me in looks of Jim McDonald, without all the wild hair~

Poor old Graeme, just "don't get no respect"...
He's a lovely lad, goes out of his way to be helpful and friendly but gets kicked around ( and out!) by just about everyone; irks me!

Natasha's got her claws into Nick; she's already referred to them as "partners".
She's going to get a rude awakening when Gail, and Nick, get tired of her hanging round.
Also Graeme; do either of them have anywhere else to go?

Anonymous said...

Oh Yoork... thanks for such a long, juicy update...feels like I actually got to watch it (which I will... in 9 months when it gets to Canada!).
Glad that Gail got off; as annoying as she is, the case against her was beyond flimsy (hello... forensics???). Can't believe Tracy admitted she lied to Deirdre... how can Deirdre want to have anything to do with her?
I'm really not looking forward to her permanent return to the street, with her trademark smirk...
Rebecca in TO

Tvor said...

If Kirk is now going to live in the Salon flat, maybe Graeme will move in with him there.

gadgee said...

Very good episodes. I always think they do an aftermath well on Corrie.
I loved Graeme being wise, trying to get Tina to realize the truth. And yes he does have lovely hair, as well as lovely everything else.
Eileen was funny waiting to get served at the bar.
I agree about Norris and Mary. Doesn't seem right that they're friends again all of a sudden. I also agree that Carla and Trev are a good, likable couple.
As for Tracy, she got what she deserved. I've no sympathy at all.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Mary and Norris are on speaking terms again; Norris could do with some friends, he even complimented her recently on her way with words.
Besides, if he didn't have anything to do with her, she couldn't continue on in the show and I was happy to read that she will be staying on as she's very good and I love the way they work together.


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