Sunday, 27 June 2010

Coronation Street weekly awards, June 21 to 25

Addicted to danger award: Gold Star: John Stape. Idiot. Selfish idiot.
Silver: Graeme. The love of a good woman. Was it worth the rage of a former best friend?

Another sucker to wind up award: Gold Star: Nick. Last week it was Peter, this week it's Jason.

The Twilight Zone award: Chesney looked like Fiz was losing her mind saying Charlotte, one of his ex teachers, was her good friend.

Cheshire Cat award: Red heart star: Graeme keeps cancelling things to keep company with Tina and didn't it turn out well! Well sort of. He gained a girlfriend and lost a best friend.

Who peed in your cornflakes award: Gold Star: Michelle and her jealous attitude toward Ciaran.

Lines of the Week:
Graeme: Just spreading a little joy, Noz!

Eileen to Jason "Seems like she dumps you every other week."

Fiz to John about Charlotte "She knows our secret, she's got a big mouth and she fancies you!"

Ciaran about Michelle "She knows how to blow!"

Deirdre "When you're public enemy number 1 like we are round here at the moment, you develop a seige mentality."

David "She's destroyed us, like she's destroyed everything she comes in contact with" (so why do you still call her "My Tina"?)

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