Sunday, 13 June 2010

Jennie is glad Fiz stands by her man

There's a nice long interview in the Daily Record with Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz Stape on Coronation Street. Because Fiz is married to love rat Stape who keeps coming up with schemes and plans, Jennie has had a great year with her character with lots of screen time and juicy storylines. Any actor would be glad of that! She does admit that she doesn't think she'd put up with it for real, mind you, but does agree that love can make you do a lot of things you didn't think you would.

Jennie figures "teflon John" could go on and on if he keeps surviving all the scandals and pickles John seems adept at getting himself into. She's also glad that everyone likes Fiz. Actors like to play bad characters but then they get hassle on the streets and in the shops! She says that there's lots coming up for Fiz and we know that Stape's identity theft plan is going to be uncovered very soon so watch the fireworks! Will Fiz and John survive it? It sounds like they could! (More's the pity! yes, I know, but I couldn't hold back any longer. I love Fiz but John Stape is just awful! He might be better if he had any cheeky charm at all.)


Anonymous said...

I like Fiz too, always have and I should hope the actress wouldn't put up with 1/4 of what John Stape has and will continue to get up to!
But, it makes for great storylines that I'm sure the actress must enjoy playing.
John seemed such a quiet type in the beginning, who knew all that he was capable of?
Certainly not Fiz!
Looking forwards to the latest from them.

seapenguin said...

I love Stape! keep him in! I like Fiz as well, as long as she doesn't whine. She was fab when she first joined Corrie as Roy & Hayley's foster-child.

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