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Monday 21 June 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update, June 21 2010

Greetings and welcome to another weekly update. It’s a short week because of the World Cup and though you may be disappointed with the way your team’s playing, rest assured, the weekly update will put a smile on your face and an extra blow down your vuvuzela*. (*This is not a guarantee and is subject to change without notice; standard terms and conditions might apply but might not, it depends on how I feel and what day of the week it might be. If it’s Saturday, you could be in luck). And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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“I do NOT fancy Nick!” yells Leanne to Peter when he won’t stop going on about her fancying her ex-husband. But she does allow herself a wry little smile and a peek at Nick’s backside as he saunters down the Street.

Oh Leanne, no, don’t go there again.

He forced you into having an abortion! He forced you into having Gail as a mother-in-law! Step away from the Nickster, Leanne, and quick. Meanwhile, Natasha loans Nick three thousand of her earth pounds to keep Underworld running in Turner’s joinery while Gail shoots evils at Natasha for getting her claws into her golden boy.

John Stape takes himself off to teaching conference where he’s registered under of Colin Fishwick’s name. “It’s ok,” he reassures Fiz before he sets off, “there’ll be nowhere there who knows me”. But there’s someone there who knows him, a right fruity madam called Charlotte who wants to get into John’s pants and bribes him with her bosom that she’ll keep his secret safe if he keeps her sweet. Charlotte even comes to the Street and Rosie spies Charlotte, her old teacher from Weatherfield High, sneaking John Stape into the Rovers for a quick pint and flirt. Immediately, she takes the news to Fiz, who’s waiting for John to come home from work. “Charlotte Church, we used to call her,” says Rosie to Fiz. “She likes the men a lot, gets very busy on a Sunday, if you know what I mean.” Anyway, Charlotte’s got bad news for John when she tells him that Colin Fishwick’s returning home from Canada and no doubt will be wanting his identity back.

In the Rovers, Ciaran’s making good friends with Mammy Connor over the telephone to Ireland after she sends one of her lemon drizzle slab cakes all the way overseas from Mammy to Manchester. Michelle pretends she’s not keen on Ciaran and her mum becoming friendly but secretly she likes it, and Ciaran too. He organises a speed dating night in the Rovers and a coach load of leggy extras in tight skirts turn up. Kirk pays his fiver for the ticket and tells Ciaran he wants to meet a P.E. teacher. He doesn’t get a date but he does get a slap. No one else fares much better so I’m not sure how much of a success it really is. Even Michelle falls flat on her face after fancying Ciaran only to find him snogging the face of a leggy extra in the Rovers backyard.

And there’s sad news for pretty boy Jason when Tina dumps him. Eileen’s straight round there to give Tina what for, can’t Jason fight his own battles? How old is he, for heaven’s sake? Anyway, Tina’s not alone for long as she grapples Graeme and they kiss. Ah, this was sweet and got a cheer from our sofa.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Peter Whalley, Jonathan Harvey and Joe Turner. Find out all about the Coronation Street writers here.

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Anonymous said...

Naw, no cheers for Tina from our sofa -- Jason is barely out of his own flat when she's locking lips with our sweet Graeme who deserves better. How can a true blue guy who cites poetry or pick-up lines like, "city sunsets after a rainshower" and "my name is but a mere label given to me by my parents when I was simply a blank page"..., settle for an immature, troubled clingy adolescent like Tina?

Sea Penguin said...

I really laughed at Charlotte's line about John Stape's "meat & two veg".

gadgee said...

"three thousand of her earth pounds"

That amused me :)
Why *would* Leanne fancy Nick? If he was still played by Adam Rickitt, however....
I do feel sorry for Jason, and I'll probably feel sorry for David too, when he finds out about them, but Graeme and Tina - absolutely fantastic!!

Dilly Daydream said...

Ciaran: "When has violence ever solved any of the problems in the world?"

That's rich coming from an Irishman.

Yoork said...

The lemon slab cake. Honestly, Ciaran can't even make Michelle interesting. Maybe Michelle can trade spaces with Mammy Connor. At least she had some personality. Well, she had a lot, lol.


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