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Friday 18 June 2010

Cherylee Houston on This Morning

The lovely blogger Bendy Girl linked to Cherylee Houston - the lovely Izzy, who I was happy to see last night telling NuNick off for calling the factory workers 'girls', that's my feminist hat though, that's a different post... anyway - on This Morning. Now, I can't get it to load on my computer so I haven't watched it, but it's here. If you read Bendy Girl's post you'll see that apparently Eamonn Holmes was even more condescending than usual, so be aware of that.

Did any other eagle-eyed viewers notice the other day that Izzy was sitting in one of the Rovers' booths, rather than in her wheelchair? That would make sense if she has limited mobility... but I did rather wonder what had happened to it - did Liz move it into the back or something...?

I am loving getting to know Izzy better, and her dad, who, let's face it, is going to end up in bed with Liz sooner rather than later...!


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Thanks for the link Rebecca :)

If Izzy is to have the same disability as Cherylee she will have some limited mobility. I'm making an educated guess, but I'd imagine Cherylee has enough mobility to not have to use her wheelchair in her home, and certainly enough to move from wheelchair to other forms of seating. Like most wheelchair users, Cherylee isn't paralysed, she just has very limited mobility. In her case it's due to the pain from repeated dislocations as well as the weakness in all the tissue meant to hold your body together properly. That means being exhausted all the time, like your body has already run a marathon by the time you are washed and dressed in the mornings.

I like that the show are making things first and foremost about Izzy, her life, her family issues etc and the disability a secondary issue. It's the benefit of using a disabled actor, as Cherylee said in her interview, a disabled actor focuses on the character whereas a non disabled actor playing a disabled person has to focus on getting the disability right to such an extent there's not much left to focus on the character. Hope that helps!

Glenda Young said...

I'm also very much enjoying Izzy on Corrie, and it tickled me to hear her tell off Nick for calling them "girls" rather than women, which is a feminist bugbear of mine too. I

Sea Penguin said...

I'm at an age now where I'm tempted to be quite flattered if anyone calls me a girl. That aside - I agree, it is pretty gross when people do that - it can be either men or women, in my experience, and it's quite revealing about what kind of person they are, i.e. ignorant, with a pathetic desire to feel good about themselves at the expense of others who are usually not in much of a position to complain about it. Izzy's a good character - keep her in. I was wondering where they'd stowed the chair as well.

Anonymous said...

I saw her chair across from her beside the opposite booth. I also was surprised to see her sitting in the booth and looked initially beside her for the chair, but then noticed the back and handles of the chair lower right in the screen.

Gina said...

I love Izzy. She is perfect for Kirk! What an interesting character, and how refreshing that it isn't about her disability, but about her ability to be hilarious and strong!

doyle2604 said...

hi there. i am currently studying for my dissertation at university and would like to maybe email a few questions to cherylee, does anyone know how to go about this? i have alot of passion for her and it would be perfect if i could get in touch!
thanks :)


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