Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Richard Hillman voted nastiest Coronation Street villain

Richard Hillman has been voted Coronation Street fans' favourite villain - past or present - in The Coronation Street Blog Oggies Awards 2010.

Tricky Dicky came first in the poll here on the Coronation Street blog with a whopping 38% of the vote.

In second place came Tony Gordon with 30% of the vote.

In third place came Alan Bradley with 10%.

In fourth place came Jez Quigley with 7%.

And in fifth place came Charlie Stubbs with 5% of the vote.

Thanks to everyone who voted in The Oggies - the very first Coronation Street Blog Awards!

With thanks to our blogger Yoork for designing the Oggies logo and to our blogger Sunny Jim for totting up the results.

Find out more about The Oggies and view all the winners here.


Coronation Street Corner said...

Richard Hillman does indeed deserve this award.

Anonymous said...

I think that he is over-criticized and not really understood. His wife deserved what she got, and in any event it was a spur of the moment thing. He was basically an OK guy, for whom a few things went horribly wrong.

Anonymous said...

I grant you that Alan Bradley was a really nasty piece of work. However Jez Quigley, although not the nicest of men, was simply protecting his turf. Yes he dealt drugs which is a pretty 'off' business, but it was still his business and he had to protect it by making sure his customers paid and that competitors were kept off his patch. He was not bad like Alan, he simply ran his business.

Tvor said...

I seriously doubt Richard's wife deserved what she got. I agree it was an impulse but what Patricia had done was uncover some of his schemes, or would have blown his cover. That's not deserving of having her head stoved in with a shovel and buried under a foundation. Ok, Richard might have convinced himself that he had to do it but that's beside the point and after the fact.

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