Friday, 18 June 2010

Coronation Street Quest - Friday Quiz - June 18

Right then, here's a new feature for the blog, courtesy of the lovely people at Coronation Street Quest. It's a new board game coming out soon. I've seen it, I've played it, and I'm becoming addicted to it. It's brilliant.

Anyway, they've allowed us to use some of their questions in a weekly Coronation Street Blog Quest Quiz. So flex your Corrie muscles and see if you can answer these blast from the past questions, once a week each Friday.

1. Who gave Elsie away at her wedding to Steve Tanner in 1967?
a. Dennis Tanner b. Alan Howard c. Bill Gregory

2. Who converted the loft of Number 7 into an observatory in 1992?
a. Andy McDonald b. Kevin Webster c. Curly Watts

3. Who left her husband-to-be standing at the altar in 2005?
a. Sarah Platt b. Cilla Brown c. Shelley Unwin

4. Which of the following never served behind the bar at the Rovers Return?
a. Gail Potter b. Elsie Tanner c. Emily Nugent

We'll give you the answers next week.

To find out more about the Coronation Street Quest board game, have a look here.

1 comment:

Coronation Street Corner said...

1. Dennis Tanner
2. Curly Watts
3. Shelley Unwin
4. Elsie Tanner

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