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Sunday 13 June 2010

Double Trouble! Coronation Street weekly awards June 7 - 12

Best. Pyrotechnics. Ever!
A double helping of awards as we had practically a double week, didn't we?

Pointed Stick award: Gold Star: Carla for continuing to provoke Tony all the way to a bullet through Robbie's heart and a near-miss with the fire and explosion.

The boy who cried wolf award: Gold Star: David Platt on the witness stand. He finally tells the truth and he's made out to be the liar he *usually* is. So much for that witness.

Don't just stand there award: Gold Star: Maria... just stood there in the pub in shock.

Get out of my head award: Gold Star: Roy keeps getting under Tony's skin!

Putting old ghosts and grudges to rest award: Carla and Maria.

Procedure my arse! award: The cops charging Carla with assault? You've *got* to be kidding! No charges, though. Phew!

Mobile Phones and Idiots don't mix award: Nick Tilsley. Hang up already. You want to run the factory, run it! And don't make contracts with out a place to make the goods.

Tower of strength award: Gold star: Tall Trevor, quite literally.

Serendipity award: Izzy's dad found out the landlady's name and called her Elizabeth (like Jim does) and he's got a daughter named Katy.

For old times' sake award: Nick giving Leanne the sob story to get info on renting the Joinery.

And on a lighter note, the Fashion Award of the week goes to Izzy for her flower ring with runner up award to Carla and Trev for the wooly England hats (a bit warm for South Africa innit?)

Lines of the Week:
Carla to Tony: "You're just an under-endowed Scotch psycho"
Audrey: "I know she didn't do it and *I* think she's guilty!"
Julie: "Carla and Nick have said our jobs are safe?" Janice: "Morticia and Max Headroom?"
Tony: "It's going to be awful hot where we're going!"
Cop: "Who called 999?" Does it matter?
Hayley: "I'd rather be talking about the Flying Scotsman than the Lying Scotsman"
Gail's lawyer: "A barrister i may be but a barrista i'm not."
Jury: "Not Guilty" (Was there every any doubt?)
Mary: "The Law's a toothless Tiger" (And Norris is encouraging her by telling her she's got a way with words. Stalker anyone?)
Tracy: "Get real Mam, she's (Gail) collateral damage" and about Amy: "She'll worry if she can't see me" (she doesn't see you anyway most of the time)

How was it for me? Outstanding!! Tony going round the twist, the showdown with Carla, the pyrotechnics! Holy Crap, that was good! Bit of a let down to revert to the trial in the next episode after but I thought the two episodes that ended the "seige week" were amazing. Can you imagine how Gail must feel with the boat that was the instigator of both Joe's death and all your legal trouble parked at your back gate? But it looks like Gail and Tina have made their peace, Maria and Carla, too, though that's more like a truce rather than peace.


Rebecca said...

I loved Izzy's dad calling Liz Elizabeth!

And apparently South Africa is really quite cold in the evenings, what with it being winter there.

Llifon said...

Yeah it reminded of Jim and I loved Gail's barrister. Remember him as Dr Ormerod in the Royal.

Anonymous said...

carla (ali king) and tony (gray o brien) acted siege week so well. escepically loved carlas digs, i will always find a button to press, indeed you will

Anonymous said...

it was great...though it would be nice to see someone from Tony's family arriving to collect him and take him home...its little details like that that corrie misses out on...sometimes the story lines have no closures...they just end....
loved the whole wagon wheel bit with kirk...

Llifon said...

What puzzled me was how Rita wasn't disturbed by the explosion?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Carla seem small and vunerable with Trev! Soo sweet

Anonymous said...

Anyone would seem small and vulnerable with Trev! :)
He looked huge leaning into the taxi to talk to Carla while ( poor ) Janice looked on sadly.

I don't think that anyone from Tony's family would come onto the street to collect him, surely that would happen from another location, after autopsy etc...? Although agree Corrie does forget sometimes to wrap up a story properly.

Poor Kirk, looks as though he's going to lose in love again...I hope Izzy and Gary get together, could be interesting. Did Gary ever get punished for going AWOL?

Anonymous said...

I agree about Tony-poor bloke is still at the morgue for all we know, and actually despite everything I think Maria would have the goodness about her to bury him. They should at least mention it.


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