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Monday, 3 August 2009

Coronation Street Weekly Update, August 3 2009

Greetings fellow Corrie fans and welcome to another weekly drop of the good stuff. I hope you've had a good week. Me? Well, as you ask, I've had me hair done, the kettle's just boiled and I'm ready to settle down with a cuppa and a biscuit, which is always a good thing.

And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Chesney acts out his angst about his sister and Stape when he finds Fiz’s engagement ring. He nicks Rosie Webster’s new sports car and lurches around on the cobbles trying to contain the monster on wheels. I’m much the same with the shopping trollies at Morrisons. Anna Windass comes to his rescue when he almost runs her down, she gives him good advice when she finds out he’s robbed Rosie’s car. “Get out, wipe your prints off and leg it.” But he’s left Fiz’s engagement ring in the car when he legs it and Rosie finds the ring when she’s cleaning the car. Note to self: must buy high heels, short shorts and a blouse that unbuttons down to there next time I’m cleaning the car. Second note to self: also buy a car.

Anyway, Rosie gives the ring to Sally, telling her it’s an expensive gift she’s bought for her mum and the factory girls go ‘aah’ as they see Sally enthralled and then ‘oooh’ when they see her humiliated as Fiz nicks the ring back. And that’s when the Stape hit the fan as the factory girls find out that Fiz is engaged to be married to the no-mark that is jailbird John Stape. As they say round our parts, he’s a dodge-pocket. Don’t ask me what it means, but he’s one, all right. Rosie and Sally know that this means Chesney must have been the one who nicked Rosie’s car but Fiz protects her brother and tells them that she’s the tea-leaf.

Over at Emily’s the lights are off and she’s cosy on the sofa with Ramsay, tea, and a slideshow of the Lakes and a picture of her wedding to Earnest. Norris comes home to find the cosy scene and he’s not best pleased, especially when he finds out that Ramsay’s eaten his pie. Rita suggests to Norris that the cosy scene he’s seen could mean Emily and Ramsay have a thing for one other. Perhaps it’s another pie?

Joe’s grizzly this week when David refuses to give him the painkillers unless Joe tells Tina to get back with David. Joe tries, he really does, but his words choke him as Tina questions why he now thinks David’s the best thing since sliced bread. Joe loses his cool with David – Joe: “I do not have an addiction!” David: “Joe, take a chill pill!” - and he pins him up by the scruff of the neck against the wall in Gail’s house. Apart from Martin Platt and Ted, has there ever been a fella living in Gail’s house who David hasn’t had the displeasure of that position with?

But Tina’s got more on her mind than her dad being peculiar about Psycho Dave. She and Jason are getting a joint mortgage to buy the flat at No. 12 after Eileen loans them the money she’s received from cashing in her dad’s shares.

Becky and Steve plan wedding v.2.0. The date’s August 14th, the cake’s being made by Eddie Windass, the maid of honour is Hayley and Becky’s £200 richer when Roy gives her a gift of hard cash, always the best kind, don’t you find. She offers some of this to Slug when she spies him coasting on the cobbles but he declines the dosh and slithers off. She then heads into town with Hayley to a posh wedding frock shop but the snooty assistant insists Becky wears gloves before touching the gowns. Becky storms out in a huff and wanders back in later with Steve and his credit card. In a Pretty Woman moment, he tells Becky to buy the dress of her dreams which costs so much it’ll give Steve nightmares for years. She also buys a blue garter: “It’s for keeping me fags in,” she tells the snooty cow behind the counter.

Michelle Connor returned this week and immediately has Peter Barlow on the sniff. He buys her a drink in the Rovers and says he wants to start off where they left off but Michelle sticks out her new boobs and says she just wants to be friends. Then Luke spies Michelle and you can tell his tail’s wagging, his nose’s wet and he’s panting for a stroke under the chin, or anywhere really. Rosie’s not pleased, as you can imagine.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Coronation Street writers this week were Julie Jones, David Lane, Daran Little, Martin Allen and Mark Wadlow.

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Tracyluv said...

How tarty did Michelle look yesterday? I thought Luke was "cool" and it didnt ring true the way he was all over her in the Rovers. She is annoying me already, I am bored to tears with this painkillers story and am reaching for the remote whenever Joe gets his "angst" look on.

Unknown said...

I saw this:

And it reminded me of Becky and Steve a la this week's episodes!

Glenda Young said...

Yoork, I love it. Maybe you can incorporate that into one of your episode reviews, it's brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Please can someone tell me when are we going to have our Corrie back?
The storylines at the moment are rubbish:
Rosie and her car,David and his childish attitude,Becky's still stupid attitude,OMG Michelle is back,Maria and her annoying voice,oh thank goodness she's in Ireland and last not least Joe and his stupid painkillers.
Why and why he wont tell Tina and Gail about what David is doing[blackmailing him].


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