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Tuesday 11 August 2009

Idiot Savant: Mon Aug 10, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Mark Burt (7:30) and Damon Rochefort (8:30), directed by Tony Prescott.

Gail is overwhelmed by the burden of Joe's care and wonders whether or not she could, or perhaps even should, give him the support he needs to pull through. The doctor recommends that the best thing for Joe is to take reduced dosages of medication and attend a support group. My money's on him not doing either. Tina finds out from Joe and Graeme that both Graeme and David dealt her dad drugs. Tina essentially blames David for being solely responsible for Joe's addiction and suffering and threatens him that if he ever hurts her or her family again, he won't know what hit him.

Tony is happy that Maria's returning. Tony apologises to Michelle about the harsh words he said before. Is he taking pages from Joe's "Act Like a Jerk, Then Apologise and All Will Be Forgotten" book? Maria surprises Tony (and me) and tells him she's thinking of moving to Ireland. Tony is stunned at this and can't hide his shock. Maria confesses to Fiz that she hoped Tony would tell her not to go. Well, she must have been praying, because Tony does exactly that. He tells her to stay, and she says all he had to do was ask, then they embrace in a passionate kiss. I know I don't agree with this whole relationship, but I have to admit, it is dead romantic!

Rosie gives Luke the third degree over his relationship with Michelle. Luke gives up and tells her that she knows he doesn't like her, but he likes her designs and is willing to pull favors to get industry people to look at her designs after she threatens to pull out from her investment in Underworld. This satisfies Rosie, for the time being.

Anna and Eddie are making Chesney feel at home, even giving him "proper grease monkey's overalls" for his job at the garage. Anna insists he get Fiz to hem his pants to get them talking. Chesney does this and Fiz is elated.

Slug tries to get more money off Becky, but she refuses. It seems that Slug's loyalty can be bought. After he gets rejected by Becky, he calls "someone" (DC Hooch presumably) and says that he's changed his mind and he's "in." Uh-oh. Becky promises to Steve that she won't drink a spot of alcohol from now until she signs her name at the dotted line on their wedding day. Later, she calls Jim to confirm that he is indeed coming to the wedding. Hoorah!

Amber's back, but only briefly. She wants to take Darryl on a picnic, but Darryl doesn't "do grass." Graeme tries to peddle his landscaping services to Darryl, but gets declined.

Yawn, Claire's back and she wants to get intimate with Ashley again. I wondered when Ashley's little snip-snip-fib would start to get inconvenient. Ashley tries his best to get "too drunk" to avoid his ugly truth.


- Tony accusing Joe of "being out to lunch." Well, if that's not the pot calling the kettle black.
- Luke telling Rosie straight-out that he doesn't like her. Not "I don't have feelings for you." Or not "It's over." Just plain, I don't like you.
- Julie referring to Rosie Webster as Coco the Clown! With all that slap on her face, I can see the similarities. Although, aren't clowns supposed to be funny?
- Eddie's sketch of Becky and Steve's wedding cake! I can't wait to see Le Piece de Resistance.
- Julie advising Fiz to show some cleavage as to distract John from looking at her ring and noticing it isn't altered. Sage advice.
- Graeme actually knowing more about Black & White films than Blanche, and Audrey noting that he's an "idiot savant." Just perfection.


- Everyone blaming David for Joe's addiction. Although, I suppose that's what happens when you're a psycho and everyone knows it. You're the usual suspect.
- Gail now whining that she has to take care of Joe. First she wants him, then she doesn't. Make up your mind woman. You're either with him, or you're not. You have to feel bad for her though.
- Slug hanging around and causing Becky trouble. Just when she's on the straight-and-narrow, along comes a crook in the road.
- Claire and Ashley. They just bore me to tears.

For those interested in taking the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Anonymous said...

It really annoyed me too that everyone was blaming David for Joe's addiction. Tina was the worst, I suppose she can't accept that her dad is really capable of what has happened. Still, I'm really starting to dislike Tina.

I was so pleased when Maria and Tony finally kissed! I know it's wrong but it was romantic and they do have good chemistry.

Tvor said...

Yep, i gotta say that everyone blaming David is out of line. Oh yes, David did use the situation to his own advantage and thoroughly enjoyed stringing Joe out but in a way, he was doing Joe a favour by keeping the drugs from him. He wasn't forcing Joe to take them, neither was Graeme who only did it the once. I think Graeme saw that Joe was addicted and backed off. David didn't actually buy any drugs for Joe did he? Just stole Joe's back and pretended to.

Hilda's Curlers said...

I started to dislike Tina some time ago. I am fed up to the back teeth with Joe’s wailing and wallowing in self pity. He created this monster himself and in Gail’s defence she has always stuck by him and he has treated her appallingly. You can’t blame her now for realising she has bitten off more than she can chew and wanting to back off a bit They haven’t been together that long either and most of it has just been misery. Someone told me this story is going on until Christmas, I cant stand it! Thank goodness for lighter moments with Blanche and Grahame and the film quiz and the caustic lines from Tony. More dreariness from the most pointless and uninteresting couple on the Street, the Peacocks.

Billy Niblick said...

I enjoyed Grahame indulging in a brief bout of Fredism ("Ah SEH....") and Ashley telling him he'd warned him about doing that before. Nice touch.

On the Tony/Maria thing, it concerns me slightly that Tony will already have seen Maria's ladyparts in a a rather compromised state (giving birth) and may even have handled them. And yet, he is seemingly keen to get his hands on again. I do realise there is a spiritual dimension to their mutual attraction as well, of course.

Yoork said...

@ Billy Niblick - You're so right, It completely slipped my mind to enter that as a highlight! Ashley's only interesting as Graeme's straight-man nowadays.

@ Tvor - No, David didn't actually buy any drugs for Joe, he stole the ones that Graeme got Joe, then rationed them out to him later as torture.

Roxanne said...

Argh! ashley and clurr! You know a character is weak when they go on maternity leave and don't have an explosive exit and an explosive return, rather they just shuffle off the weatherfield coil, then re-appear randomly in the butchers 6 months later... When IS Carla back, BTW?


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