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Saturday 15 August 2009

Off with a Hitch!: Fri Aug 14, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Joe Turner, directed by Tony Prescott.

Oh, happy day! I just love Corrie weddings and I've been looking forward to this one for quite a while now.

Slug meets with DC Hooch and tells him he's willing to send Becky down. DC Hooch gives him an envelope full of drugs and money. Slug sneaks into the Rovers and plants the envelope in Becky's purse. DC Hooch later gives Slug his payment and tells him to leg it out of town. Does this mean we never have to see him again?

Andy has made it for Steve's wedding! Liz and Andy surprise Steve. Lloyd is also surprised to find Liz and to find that he's a newly single man. Steve, and everyone, are surprised yet again to find that Jim has arrived at the wedding, since Becky had invited him.

Steve and Becky are proclaimed husband and wife, finally. Steve carries her over the threshold at the Rovers where all are waiting for them. Becky announces that she's taking Steve to the Greek Islands for a honeymoon. At that moment, a drug squad enters the Rovers with a warrant to search the place. They find the planted drugs in Becky's purse and arrest her on suspicion of drug-dealing. Becky protests her innocence, but Steve (and everyone else) doesn't believe her. Steve stands by her and goes down to the police station where it's clear to him that Becky has been setup by DC Hooch. Becky sobs tears of betrayal in her wedding dress, in her lonely cell, on what should have been the most perfect day of her life. Oh, perfection's overrated any how.

Eddie is able to pull off a gorgeous wedding cake that survived a near-death after almost colliding with Fiz and Kelly on a scooter. Only for it to be destroyed by the drug squad. Eddie leaves with his destroyed cake in a tiff. A plus for effort, though.

In other news, Michelle apologizes to Maria about how she reacted to Maria and Tony's news. Michelle helps Maria call Liam's parents and tell them about "the news." Later, Maria asks Tony to move in with her. That's a little soon!


- Steve doing a little jig(gle) with his not-so-torso-of-the-month, on the morning before his wedding to "I'm a Love Man," by Otis Redding.
- Steve so happy that Becky had managed to get his family all there for his wedding. Touching.
- Roy's touching moment with Becky when he tells her that on his wedding day to Hayley he thought he was dying because he was so nervous. He thought he was dying on the best day of his life. He was fine, though. Just nerves.
- Becky getting dragged down the aisle proclaiming "I love him when he's gaggin' for it!" Pure class.
- Steve so thrilled at Becky getting them a luxury honeymoon in Greece that he "fake motorboats" her chest at his reception.
- Jim pointing out to Liz that he can't understand why Lloyd can't just "get the picture" that Liz isn't interested in him anymore. The irony.
- Steve standing by his woman!

- Slug betraying Becky to DC Hooch. Scum, the lot of them!
- Liz's outfit at the wedding! What was she thinking?
- Becky's whole show-girl wedding ensemble! What was she thinking? Oh well, it was entertaining.
- Eddie's cake getting destroyed by the darned drug squad! Poor Eddie!
- Maria asking Tony to move in. It's too soon!
- Becky covering her ears with her hands and wailing "make it stop, make it stop, make it stop" when they arrest her. My heart broke for her, I really wanted to be able to make it stop.
- Becky spending her wedding night in jail, a heavily mascaraed tear running down her cheek.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene, here.


Tracyluv said...

Very good episode but cant understand why they dont just put in a complaint against Hooch instead of threatening to thump him! Was surprised (and a bit saddened) by the lack of people at the Reception yesteday, where was Dierdre and Blanche, Dev, Sally and Kevin etc. Great to see Jim but wish he would cut his hair, long gray hair is not flattering to either sex!

Llifon said...

Loved Jim's appearance with his Elizabeth, Andrew and Steven. Loved the scene where they searched Betty's handbag and have to say Mrs Fairclough and Mrs Bishop looked radiant tonight. The lack of street residents in the wedding was a bit odd, who were the strangers?

abbyk said...

It's a good thing Natasha remembered the contest, because I didn't!

Let's see, where is Hooch's plan weakest? Betty seeing Slug roaming around the pub when it was closed? Using scum to plant the drugs -- you know Slug is either going to fess up, or he was working with another cop to nail Hooch. Street smart Becky not getting a lawyer? And Steve, sorry, but you deserve a kick in the teeth for not believing her. Becky, you looked tarttastic in that dress! You own Stevie boy for as long as you want.

A fun wedding, tho', esp. Lloyd and Steve getting ready. Liz, grow up.

I had forgotten how much I dislike Michelle. I think she knew that Liam and Carla were cheating, so what's with the Helen Junior act?

Anonymous said...

I'm in NZ and won't see this for ages, but it all sounded very familiar. Didn't a similar thing happen to Sunita when she married Dev - set up, and arrested??

Hildas Curlers said...

What on earth was Carmen, sorry Liz wearing to her son's wedding? And why is she being so awful to Lloyd, he so does not deserve it.

Clare said...

Loved Steve's little dance whilst Lloyd ironed his shirt lol. Becky looked..well my goodness! Liz, i know she's been in Spain but seriously no need to come as a Flamenco dancer! Too soon about Tony moving in, i agree! It's sick!

Anonymous said...

I also thought it was strange that the attendance was lacking so many street characters. Maybe that many people don't really care for Becky?

I would have at least thought the Barlows would have shown up, to see their granddaughter as a bridesmaid and all.

balvert said...

Finally caught up with Corrie's wedding episodes. Wow!

The chemistry between Liz and Big Jim is superb. Bring Jim back!

I think that, as Yoork points out, the attendance at the wedding reflects Becky's popularity among the residents. Afterall, it's common knowledge that Steve got with Becky while he was still with Michelle. Even Rita and Emily kindly declined an invitation to the reception.

Anonymous said...

maria and tony were already leaving together before so its hardly too soon seeing as they living together before.

Clare said...

Yes but they were living together in completely different circumstances, firstly it was incase she went into labour and secondly it was onlt temporary, hardly a commitment to one another.


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