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Friday 14 August 2009

Cruel to be kind: Thu Aug 13, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Carmel Morgan, directed by Tony Prescott.

It's the morning after, and Tony and Maria are all lovey-dovey. Michelle comes home after a good night out and is shocked to see Tony there first thing in the morning. Maria pretends Tony slept on the couch. Tony wasn't happy with Maria for hiding their love and convinces her to come forward to everyone that they're an item. Maria tells Tony that she never thought she'd find happiness after Liam's death, until now. They agree that they must tell Michelle first, before making themselves public. Well, this doesn't go over so well as Michelle and Ryan find them in a compromising position on the couch later on. Michelle goes ballistic and tells them that the two of them together make her sick and that her mother was right. Michelle leaves with Ryan in tow and Tony consoles Maria.

Steve is suspicious of Becky's secrecy. Becky tries to assure him she's planning surprises for him. Becky's demure hen party goes off with a bang and actually looks like a real hoot. Betty didn't want to go to the wedding, but she's at the Hen party having what looks like the most fun she's had in eons! Later in the downstairs hallway, Steve asks Becky straight-out if there's something going on between her and Slug or if Slug is trying to drag her into something bad. Becky is obviously offended and tells Steve that she was trying to get his dad to come to the wedding, hence the secrecy. Steve tells Becky that as long as her and Amy are there, that's all he needs as far as family goes.

Liz sneaks back onto the street and is holed up at Deirdre's. She's afraid to face Lloyd because she wants it over between the two of them. She might even miss Steve's wedding just to avoid seeing Lloyd and facing the facts. Liz tells Deirdre she's never figured herself for a coward, but she just can't face him. I never figured her for much of a coward either. How unusual.

In boring news, Ashley tells Lloyd how he hasn't told Claire that he's "unsnipped" because he's dead afraid of her.


- The look on Michelle's face when she sees Tony and Maria on the couch together in a compromising position.
- Becky reckoning she should wear a sarong to the Saronic Islands.
- Betty's advice for marriage: fill the kettle at night, in case they switch the water off.
- Becky wondering who Steve is more afraid of: her or Eileen!
- Anna and Hayley dancing to "Frozen Peas" by Orson Welles, and Anna "shakin' what her Mama gave 'er!"
- Liz coming around the corner dressed in head-to-toe pink sweats, cowboy hat, luggage and t-strap sandals!

- Tony and Maria being all mushy together! It's too soon for me. And too nauseating!
- Tony bullying Maria into coming out with their relationship to everyone.
- Lloyd still desperately pining over Liz. It's over, she's just not that into you!
- Steve accusing Becky of having something with Slug!
- Liz even considering not going to her son's wedding just so she doesn't have to face Lloyd.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full recap scene-by-scene here.


Clare said...

Too soon for me n all! Icky! I loved Michelle's reaction lol!

"Let's go Ryan, i feel dirty just being here." Bahaha.

Anonymous said...

Was there something odd about Ashleys hair - it was really bugging me that the sides seemed so much shorter than the back.

And - and interesting camera angle when we went through the nets to go from Lloyd to Liz.

Tracyluv said...

Good to see Liz back in her pink attire! What exactly is her problem with Lloyd and why was it so important that her first port of call was to discuss it with Dierdre rather than Steve or Amy who she hasn't seen for months!

Llifon said...

Loved the part when Betty said that she'd received a text from Cyril: C u at the altar!. Text messages in 1949! Class

Hildas Curlers said...

Great acting from Ryan Connor last night, standing there like he is in some kind of trace while his mother rants on, then the line "yo betrayed my uncle". He is like a robot.

Yoork said...

@ Anonymous - I've noticed Ashley's hair like that for a while. It's as though he has some kind of a thick short mohawk or something.

@Tracyluv - Liz is a drama-queen! It's obvious she really didn't want to return to the UK at all.

@Coronation Street Corner - Betty was great last night!

@Hildas Curlers - I always forget about Ryan until he shows up on screen!

Yoork said...

@ Clare - Yes, that whole scene was really funny!

Hildas Curlers said...

Clare - funny Michelle doesnt find it "dirty" to sleep with two different men in the space of 24 hours? She really is turning into her unpleasant mother - future suitors beware!


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