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Tuesday 18 August 2009

Village Idiot: Mon Aug 17, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Joe Turner (7:30) and David Lane (8:30), directed by Pip Short.

Well, today's episode was a bit of a come-down episode after last Friday's McDonald wedding bonanza! Where to start:

Hooch lets Becky out of jail on bail, and allows the Rovers to re-open. Steve professes his love to Becky and assures her he'll be there through thick and thin. He, and possible Roy and Hayley, are the only ones. Liz has banished Becky from her bar, and everyone else on the street remains sceptical but are erring on the side of "she's guilty." Steve tracks down Hooch later and tries to bribe him to drop his case with Becky. Hooch takes a hint from the Steve Miller band and "takes the money and runs." But not without telling Steve that every village has an idiot. Oh, Steve!

Liz finally breaks it off with Lloyd, and Lloyd still can't quite get it through his thick skull that she's not into him anymore. Liz claims she's been having a midlife crisis. Erm, isn't that overdue by a decade or so? Liz can't stand the sight of Becky again and has it out with her and finishes their row by calling Becky a "dirty, disgusting, drug-dealing tramp." Them's fighting words! Liz's fears are settled when after the pub reopens, the usual customers return.

Molly and Tyrone return from holiday. Molly's face just as sour as it was when she left. Sophie supports her dad in continuing to train for the charity marathon. Kevin asks Molly to drop out of the marathon, since it's too much temptation for the two of them to be training together. Molly tells him she won't, too bad. Kev senses trouble and tells Sally that they should go for a drive to the country and maybe check out a few of those country homes she's been drooling over. What are you getting yourself into now, Kev?

Ramsay breaks Norris's mug at the Kabin. Norris is so petty that not only does he not accept Ramsay's replacement mug (it doesn't have the memories), but he also sacks Ramsay for gross incompetence. Ramsay later announces that he's returning to Australia after all. He chose to give up fighthing for Norris's affection. Norris and Emily are both shocked at this announcement.

Tina tries some tough-love on her father. Joe is actually looking a lot better and Tina's tough-love looks like it's done him more harm by confusing him, than doing him any good.

In other news, Claire has decided to plan a Bank Holiday Fundraising Fete on the street to raise funds for her DVT group. The group had been cancelled due to lack of funds. She, of course, drags Ashley and the community into this idea. Peter suggests to Ashley that he and Claire are having problems because of their lacking a sex-life. Peter suggests that if Ashley helps out with the fete that Claire will be more likely to forgive him for not going through with his vasectomy. I hardly agree. Claire Peacock has been called many things, but "reasonable" isn't one of them.


- Steve standing by his woman, and up for her to his mother.
- Hayley and Roy comforting Becky on her return home on bail.
- Steve staking out the police station with coffee and a box of pizza! Hilarious.
- Kevin listening to Beth Ditto of The Gossip, while working in his garage. I'm always shocked how Corrie tends to play good new music in the background of scenes.
- Joe looking much better, almost 100%! Thank god we don't have to suffer through his suffering anymore!


- Liz on her angry tirade over Becky's ordeal. Someone get this woman back on a plane to Spain, STAT.
- Lloyd still sapping over getting dumped by Liz. Have some dignity, man.
- Hooch driving off with Steve's dosh after, basically, calling him the village idiot! Hooch is nasty and I hope he gets his comeuppins.
- Norris's pettiness regarding Ramsay. It's too much.
- Claire and her lame storylines! Can't they give her a torrid affair or something?
- Molly and her sour little face and attitude back on the street getting in Kevin's gears already. Poor Tyrone!

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Billy Niblick said...

Wasn't Claire's group a support group for DVT, not PND?

I agree that offering DC Hooch a bribe must be one of the stupidest things that Steve Mac has ever done - whichever way you look at it.

I also agree that Norris's nastiness to his brother is simply too much, and a bit unrealistic - I've actually forgotten what it is that Ramsay is supposed to have done to earn Norris's everlasting hatred, but wasn't it something quite staggeringly trivial?

One can only hope that Norris suffers a massive attack of rightful guilt whne poor Manual, I mean Ramsay, croaks shortly and reforms his character somewhat into a slightly more generously-spirited individual. Or perhaps not.

balvert said...

I have to disagree on the Liz front, Yoork.

I love La Mouton and I'm so glad that she's back!

Tracyluv said...

Didnt Liz look rough without her slap on yesterday? Quite a transformation with make up! Is Liz ever nice to anybody, apart from her best friend Dierdre? I think you will find she isn't. Laughed out loud at Steve Mac's tummy wobble as he "ran" over Hooch, the £2k bribe was too much, its all becoming a bit ridiculous now. Of course Norris's over nastiness to Ramsay is the build up to Ramsay's sudden death when of course we will have to suffer his guilt trip.

Tvor said...

Now, see, i really enjoyed the scenes between Liz and Lloyd. Liz really does seem to be struggling with some sort of mid life crisis and i felt so bad for poor Lloyd. Sappy? Nah, real emotion. well, ok, well-acted real emotion. And the confrontation between Becky and Liz was great with Steve actually standing up to his mother for once even if he still waited for Becky to leave the room to do it! I loved Steve's apologizing and groveling to Becky and i loved that Becky didn't accept it fully, not straight away. She's too hurt by it. Katherine Kelly is absolutely amazing.

I don't like Norris. Full stop. He's always been a petty, jealous, gossipy old man. Even when he wasn't an old man he was an old man. (the petty, jealous, gossipy kind, that is!)

Anonymous said...

@ Billy - Was it DVT (deep vein thrombosis?) Honestly, I start to doze off when Claire comes on screen so I'm sorry if I'm mistaken!

I'm really not a Norris fan myself. I don't like when he has these big story lines to himself. He's good as an accent character for me.

@ Tvor - See, I think Lloyd was being more sappy than really emotional. She was gone for probably more time than they were dating. He easily should have moved on. I think he was genuinely upset, but probably more feeling sorry for himself if anything. Yes, the conversation between them was great, and they were both very emotional, but I think both of their emotions were equally for themselves alone, as opposed to for one another. Lloyd is feeling sorry for himself, and so is Liz. It's all she could talk about the whole episode "what about ME?" to Becky, to Lloyd etc.

Make no mistake, i LOVE Liz, she's one of my fave characters on the show. I only told her to get back to Spain because she seemed so much happier there. :(


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