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Monday 24 August 2009

Coronation Street Weekly Update, August 24 2009

Welcome to another weekly wotsit of wonder. So there’s another week gone and I’m another year older after celebrating my birthday at the weekend. There was cake, there was wine, presents, cards and a sigh of resignation on hitting a milestone of sorts. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Blink and you’d have missed them. Last week they turned up and this week they left. Andy and Jim McDonald took a taxi to the airport after kissing Elizabeth goodbye on the cobbles and then they legged it. But much was said during their mini-return. We had Jim’s catchphrases out in force, the “so it is” and “catch yerself on” and lo and behold, even an “Ulster fry”. Come back soon, Jim McDonald, you’re sorely missed by Corrie fans in our big house, so you are.

And those left behind as Andy and Jim left were Mr and Mrs Becky and Steve McDonald, newly married publicans of the parish along with the woman who we must never forget has her name above the door. Elizabeth McDonald is back to her bitching self, daggers drawn to get her nails into Becky for no other reason than she’s got her hooks into her son and therefore will always be the other woman in Liz’s life. After Liz dumps Lloyd, Betty finds her crying in the back room of the Rovers and Liz comes clean about the truth about her tears. “It’s the menopause, Betty,” Liz sobs into her hanky. Betty pulls that face that she does, tells Liz to buy a cardi, wear layers and not to worry about facial hair because sooner rather than later it’ll come through grey and no-one’ll notice. This was a brilliant scene, it was just right with Betty neither too gushing and friendly (which Betty never is) nor too acid-tongued (which she can be), all set to the Joe Jackson track, “Different for Girls”.

Meanwhile, Steve and Becky do their best to find Slug after they see a solicitor to report DC Hooch for planting drugs in the Rovers. Photocopied photos of Slug are sent around all the Manchester cabbies and he’s spotted in the Flying Horse but by the time Steve gets there, Slug’s slithered off. Married life gets off to a crime-ridden start for the McDonalds with a jail term hanging over Becky head and a lifetime of gurns to come from Steve.

Graeme’s the advice guru this week, warning Ashley that Claire’s on the warpath putting on the warpaint, waiting for Ashley to bring her some fresh sausage home. Trouble is, Ashley still hasn’t told Claire that he hasn’t had the snip and so he arranges with Graeme to sabotage Claire’s saucy session by bursting in on her with a plant pot and Graeme Proctor, Garden Doctor in tow. The camera panned upwards from Claire’s stockings and suspenders and I have to admit, my blokey got quite aroused by this scene. Well, he put his Guardian crossword down, which is always a good sign. But when the camera panned up to reveal it was Claire, he tutted loudly and went back to his paper. I’m a little worried he was hoping for Blanche.

Amber’s off to that London after celebrating getting into Kings College to study at Uni. Graeme warns Darryl that once she’s gone to that London, the bright lights and big city will turn her head and she’ll never look back. I should know, it’s done the same to me.

Over the road, Sally and Kev set off in Rosie’s posh car to look at posh homes in Cheshire. Kev wants to move as far away as possible to get rid of Molly but she’s hanging around him like a bad smell and is slowly drawing Kevin back to her with her ‘come-hither and get your meat pie’ eyes.

David Platt’s beaten up this week, he’s bloodied and bruised and blames Joe and then Jason. Poor Jason gets arrested and taken to the cop shop which prompts a disappointing bout of slapping between Eileen and Gail on the cobbles. I was rather hoping for some hair-pulling and more name-calling between the two old foes. Just when David’s sure it was Jason who beat him, he bumps into Gary Windass and although Gary’s just got out of the big house that very morning, he lets David know that he has friends on the outside that he made on the inside and who’re on his side, if David gets his meaning. David gets his meaning and finally puts two and two together to add up to four bruised ribs.

Over at the Barlow’s, Deirdre’s made redundant from her job at the council and worries about her future. She takes to the Rovers where she’s given a glass of red on the house from Betty, who takes up knitting behind the bar this week and works at it even less successfully than she does serving up booze.

Next door at Emily’s, she and Ramsay go out to lay flowers on Ernest’s grave. Rita persuades Ramsay to stay around on the Street rather than head back to Australia and he views a flat in Victoria Court. Norris thinks his brother’s soon leaving for Oz and no one’s got the heart to tell him just yet that he’s not.

Finally this week, Jesse moves in with Eileen and brings his pet parrot, John. While Jesse and Eileen get along fine, John’s got other plans and takes against Eileen with an attack stance. “Ooh, it’s like having Gail Platt in a cage in the corner of the room,” Eileen moans to Sean on the sofa.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Coronation Street writers this week were Daran Little, John Kerr, Jayne Hollinson and Simon Crowther.

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Adrian said...

love that line of Eileen's about the parrot.

Anonymous said...

that bloody jesse....another corrie waste of space. Are we going to have to suffer a load of so-called comic scenes with him in, now? *sigh*

Yoork said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! Cheers to more great years!

Tracyluv said...

Totally agree about Jessee, boring boring boring. They keep on this character and kill off Ramsay when there could have been plenty of stories of him and Emily being happy. I want to cry when I see Emily looking longingly at him when I know what is going to happen!

Anonymous said...

Aw! tracyluv, i know!! i kind of feel the same way about joe and gail!

Anonymous said...

just watched claire's scene with the suspenders loved it!!! got to agree about jesse, hes all ready boring me.


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