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Friday 21 August 2009

Old, Not Daft: Thu Aug 20, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by John Kerr.

Steve and Becky try to narrow down who could have implicated her in the drugs scandal. Steve brings up Slug's name, and Betty overhears this and tells them both that Slug was in the bar the morning of their wedding. Becky and Steve figure out that Slug has set Becky up. They go to the solicitor's and tell them their story, but without Slug on their side, the solicitor has no hope and thinks Becky will go behind bars. Jim tells Steve to use his cabbie network to find Slug. Steve gets a photo of Slug and has it sent to every cabbie in Manchester. Hopefully this works for them. I'd hate to lose Becky from our screens.

It's time, and Jim and Andy must leave the street. We really saw so little of them, Andy especially. Jim tells Liz goodbye and Liz has a longing in her eyes when she tells him goodbye. She later follows him outside and gives him a proper goodbye hug. Jim says he'll see her soon. I hope so, I like the chemistry between them and I like Jim. Does anyone else think Jim has lost weight? He looked trimmer than last time to me.

Kevin and Sally go to Cheshire to look at homes, but their trip is a wasted one as it's clear that they cannot afford to live there. Sally says there's no rush to move and she's completely happy where she is. I don't think Kevin feels the same way. Molly has turned to Sour-Girl when she sees Kev and Sal happily driving around in Rosie's Roadster, then again when she overhears Sally tell Ashley and Claire that it was Kev's idea to look for property in Cheshire.

Claire is getting a little acid in her tongue in her lately, and it's not just with Ashley now. Between referring to Becky as a crack dealer and snubbing Sally's airs over house prices in Cheshire, she's turning into a right little mini-Blanche Hunt before my eyes, and before her time.

Joe is looking 100% and very dapper in his job-search suit. While he is doing better now, Gail's just about had enough of him, and told him so. David tells Joe that he and his daughter are unwanted on the street and to get lost. This leaves us with one of Joe's famous perplexed looks.

Ramsay tells Norris he's decided to go back to Australia and Norris has found him the very next flight so that he can leave post-haste. Emily confides in Rita that she doesn't think Ramsay should go. Rita goes to bat for her friend Emily and tells Ramsay straight-out that he shouldn't give a fig about Norris and should be looking for flats in Weatherfield, not flights to Australia! Ramsay has a lot of thinkin' to do.


- Becky referring to Liz as "mum" and Liz promptly putting an end to that!
- Funny scene between Becky and Steve where she apologizes for bumping him in the gut and he apologizes for burning a fag hole in her favorite shirt. LOL.
- Lingering chemistry between Liz and Jim.
- Claire and her acid-tongue. At least if she's going to be boring, she can get a few digs in at people. That makes her mildly entertaining.
- Joe getting his groove back.
- Gail telling it to Joe about how she really feels about him and their relationship. It just isn't worth it anymore for her. I get it, does Joe?
- Rita telling Ramsay to stay in Weatherfield, because she knows Emily couldn't. Way to help a girl out.
- The Kabin gang suggesting they donate Norris as a "booby prize" at the fete.


- Becky and Steve taking so long to figure out that Slug clearly isn't Neil who works in electronics, and is a beggar. If he had a good job what was he doing dressed as a bum coming around asking Becky for money? Two peas in a pod, her and Steve.
- Jim leaving the street so soon. I'm almost as sad as Liz is. :(
- Molly's sour-face routine.
- David trying to ascertain control over his mum, again.

For those who like to take the scenic route, check out the full review here.


Tvor said...

I think Jim is looking a bit fitter. Lloyd certainly is. I'll miss Jim too. I would have liked to have seen where Andy and Jim first saw each other because i don't think Andy has seen Jim since he's been out of jail. And did Jim say something about a plane as well or was he just going to see Andy off?

Tracyluv said...

I was amazed at Joe's miraculous recovery, from crying in pain with his bad back and breaking into the Medical Centre in desperation, within about a week and refusing medication he is suddenly cured and is acting like a 17 year old.

Its poignant about Ramsay, with Emily's devotion and he deciding to "stay" when we all know he is going to die of a heart attack. Shame on you Norris!

Agree Jim's comeback was all too fleeting. Hope he returns very soon.

Unknown said...

@ Tvor - I think he was just seeing Andy off. Making his exit, not overstaying his welcome.

@ Tracyluv - I thought Joe recovered quickly too! But I wasn't about to complain about it, because I hated seeing his whinging!

I know! Poor Emily! I really don't see why they have to KILL Ramsay off.


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