Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Corrie blokes reunited 10 years after Queer

While perusing the Manchester Pride link that Flaming Nora posted earlier, I discovered a downloadable supplement (on this page) for the events this week. In that supplement, on page 18, is an interview with Corrie's Craig Kelly and Antony Cotton. I had forgotten that both of them starred in the excellent Queer as Folk some 10 years ago. Craig played Vince and Antony played Alexander, if you will recall. The two men agreed that neither of them had changed and Antony was quite excited to have his old mate back on set again, to the point that it was distracting Craig from getting into his new character!

Craig, who isn't gay, was warned by a mate that he could have a lot of men flirting with him once QAF had aired but says that never happened. Antony admits he was the one that got more of the attention, not all of it good. He's even had a pint poured over him in a club! They recall QAF as being a real landmark, "magic", and "not dated".

Craig's words on "hearthrob" Luke Kelly were interesting too. "I genuinely think I've got something to offer, but I don't think I'm a great big heart-throb. I'd like to think that I could be - through cheeky charm." Oh you are, luv, you are!

You can purchase the DVD set on Amazon if you want to check it out. Former Corrie star Denise Black (Denise Osborne) played Craig's mother in the series, and, while perusing the cast list on IMDB, I spotted Alan Halsall's (Tyrone) name as well!

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Carol said...

Craig Kelly, I like your "Luke Srong" character and with "Michelle" you are one very charming man. Here in Ontario, Canada, we too had a Queer as Folk with some well-known people like Hal Sparks, a comedian/singer and Gayle Harold (male) as well as a man who in real life, IS gay.
I loved the series but found it easier watching the two women playing lesbians, make love as oppposed to the men.

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