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Friday 7 August 2009

Tell It Like It Is: Thu Aug 6, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by John Kerr, directed by Tim Dowd.

David watches mercilessly as Joe falls into full withdrawal from his pain pills, whilst still keeping half of the pills from him. Things go from bad to worse for Joe, as he shows up for work (finally) and finds he's lost the job due to his absences (read: drug habit). Len reminds Joe that he also owes a lot of money to some very bad people. Gail finds Joe in his sickly state and he almost comes clean to her, but then on the spur of the moment, decides to steal her keys to the Medical Center and runs out the door leaving Gail confused and lost. What must go on in Gail's head sometimes? I'm picturing two spiders arm-wrestling.

Eileen decides to go with Jason and Tina to the house auction, because she doesn't trust them. It's a big deal, after all. Jesse whines about his mother and compares living with her to being trampled by a stampede of cattle until there's nothing left. He's got himself in Eileen's bed, now I think he's looking to get his feet under her table as well.

Kirk attempts to go to the Job Centre again. Is anyone else wondering why Ashley laid Kirk off, only to pick up Graeme whilst Kirk is still job-less? Did I miss something?

Rosie Webster threatens to call the police on Fiz, but Kevin interferes. Kevin tells Fiz he knows that Chesney stole the car and that Chesney is acting out because of Stape. The sooner Fiz gets rid of Stape, the better it will be for everyone.

Rosie is whining over her issues at work and Tony tells her that if she actually managed to get some work done with all the flouncing and pouting things wouldn't be so bad. Wow, did Tony say that to Rosie, or the director to Helen Flanagan? LOL. Way to tell it like it is boys!

Deirdre sees Michelle and tells her that she thinks she and Peter would have made a nice couple. Yeah, like apples and oranges in a fruitbowl of life, then. Or should I say apples and melons.

Luke is still hot on Michelle and has Rosie on the back-burner simmering over.

Tony shows a tender devoted side to him when he pulls out his wallet to show Michelle all of Baby Liam's photos at each stage of growth that she missed. Wow. The best cons, con themselves.


- Eileen telling Tina that now that she's bringing Jason his lunch, she'll be washing his smalls next.
- Jason and Jesse agreeing on hating cucumbers.
- Sean mistakenly assuming Jesse's gay, since "he calls himself Jesse" and "he's got the whole cowboy thing."
- Kirk talking about losing time in between a Friday and a Sunday. Erm, it's called a hangover.
- Tony telling it like it is to Rosie about her work-ethic and personal problems.
- Kevin telling it like it is to Fiz about Stape.
- Rosie not understanding what Michelle meant when she told Luke to "keep up the fight."


- Joe. Period.
- Whiney Fiz afraid to go back to work.
- Rosie's flouncing and pouting.
- Having to see Rosie Webster in the same trampy outfit twice. It was giving me deja-flooze.
- Deirdre trying to push Michelle and Peter together. Hasn't Peter got enough on his plate right now? What does he need some high-maintenance woman for?
- Michelle in general.

Take the scenic route and read the entire review scene-by-scene here.


Clare said...

Deja-flooze - I like that haha.

Anyone else laugh their head off at Sean's, "on the other hand that skirt is hilarous."

balvert said...

Love the picture, Yoork!

Anonymous said...

Not again.She's a slapper.

Glenda Young said...

Yoork, your pics are always fab!

Unknown said...

lol. Thanks!

Roxanne said...

Haha! I loved the line "Did they steal all the mirrors in your house too?" I like Sean being bitchy!

As for michelle.. uurrghh..nooo.. Go away...

re: Kirk- yeah i remember ashley actually saying to kirk, "oh if anything else comes up, i'll give you your job back.." Then he employes Graeme who, bless him, is useless. Mind you- was kirk any better?


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