Sunday, 16 August 2009

Corrie weekly awards, week of August 10

Fashion has hit a new low award: Gold Star: Forget the flamenco wedding outfit, I'm still shuddering at Liz in that gaudy pink pant-suit with matching hat and luggage.
Silver Star: Becky's wedding dress. She looked like a fluffy emu.

Movie trivia award: Gold Star: Graeme. "Norma Shearer" *and* he won a pint off Blanche.

Architect award: Gold Star: Graeme again. The sausage Blackpool Tower rocked.

Win and Fail of the week: Both Becky and Steve... Win: they got married. Win: Becky won a honeymoon but (Massive Fail:) got nicked on her wedding day and spent the night in jail. Fail: Steve didn't believe her proclaims of innocence. Bet Steve wished all she did was get drunk.

Lines of the week:
Audrey about Graeme: "He's like some idiot savant! Blanche: "You're half right!"
Tony to Maria: "That's just three reasons why I've fallen completely in love with you" (He said the L word... I may be ill.)
Becky: "Who needs booze? I'm legless on lurrrve!"
Betty's advice for a good marriage: "Fill the kettle up at night, in case the water goes off"
Becky: "Normal's what I'm aiming for in life" Steve: "You're my card carrying mentalist!"


Anonymous said...

"Two frozen peas? More like two silly beggars." - Betty

Yoork said...

I love it when he's gaggin' for it! - Becky down the aisle.

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