Friday, 14 August 2009

Corrie rivals heat up again

Just when you think it's safe to put Eileen and Gail in the same room, not only is David Platt going to get a pasting, but on August 24 (mark your calendars!) the fallout is going to include the next round of aggro between the two mothers when suspicion falls on Jason.

Oh, please can we see another mid-street smack-down between the Towering Inferno and Mighty Mouse! Most of the rivalry is verbal but who can forget the pair of them rolling around the cobbles in their dressing gowns when Todd broke Sarah's heart when he revealed he was gay?


Kris, DSHQ said...

Haha. Love it, Tvor. I've just written my weekend column and signed off the Corrie section with "Dressing gowns at the ready..."

Fingers crossed!!


Clare said...

That was possibly my favourite comedy Corrie moment EVER! I absolutely loved their scrap on the cobbles!

Kris, DSHQ said...

Just seen the next offering and it's BRILLIANT. Daran Little writes the first half of it.

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