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Saturday 8 August 2009

Village of the Damned: Fri Aug 7, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Simon Crowther (7:30), and Chris Fewtrell (8:30), directed by Tim Dowd.

Wow, I agree with Flaming Nora's earlier sentiments: this was one H.E. double-hockey-sticks of an episode!

Molly and Tyrone are happily bathing topless on holiday, much to Kevin's chagrin. If anyone cares.

Kevin forces Chesney to apologise for taking Rosie's car, which he does. Chesney also finds out that Fiz had taken the rap for him. He is still unwilling to forgive her over John Stape, however. Chesney is keeping Gary's bed warm at No. 6 after Anna offers to let Chesney stay with them, pending he work on his relationship with Fiz, else he turn out like her Gary.

Rosie is insanely jealous over Luke and Michelle, and rightfully so. Luke seems to enjoy having two birds fight over him because he's stringing Rosie along while courting Michelle at the same time. It all ends in Rosie and Michelle getting into a cat-fight, with Michelle winning.

Michelle's not done fighting though. Tony brusquely informs her that she, and her baggage (Ryan?), best soon get out of Maria's place. Michelle's not having Tony's "good samaritan" routine and puts him in his place where Baby Liam's concerned. If I were Michelle, I'd start watching my back.

Joe goes completely nutters and breaks into the Medical Centre with Gail's keys. He brings with him his crowbar and sledgehammer for some alarm-system smashing and general trashing. Gail figures out that he's taken her keys, and he must be the one in the building. Gail's heart breaks when she finds him in there, a mess. All and sundry watch as Joe is being dragged out in cuffs by the police. David tries to cover his tracks by telling Audrey lies about him knowing about Joe's drug habit and how he tried to "help" Joe. Pointless. Tina, Jason and Gail wait for Joe's release on bail at the prison. They take Joe home and Tina and Joe have a tender emotional moment when Joe tells Tina he's sorry, and Tina forgives him.

In good news, Jason and Tina won No.12 in the auction, but went a wee bit over their intended budget.

- Sophie teasing her mum about being "impressionable" after Sally buys sushi for her lunch, since that's what Luke eats.
- Tony referring to Coronation Street, as "Village of the Damned."
- Graeme telling Rosie he's around if she's ever hard-up for company. (Any scene with Graeme!) - Luke comparing Rosie's company to that of a dead crustacean.
- Michelle telling Rosie that everyone's got her on tap, and she should have her own pump at the Rover's! *zing!*
- Pam telling Bill to look for Sean in the mens room, and Bill responding, "I'm not checkin' toilets for bar-men."
- How sweet Anna Windass is, and how much the Windasses are growing on me.
- Gail asking her mum if she thinks she's a mug. Audrey responding that all Gail was missing was a handle. In more ways than one I'd say!

- Watching Gail's heart break and her face age about 10 years from beginning to end of this episode.
- Little-boy Luke hiding from little-girl Rosie with the big-bad-milf.
- Luke thinking he's the hot-potato because two dim-witted slappers are fighting over him.
- Tony's on-going posessiveness over Maria's life.
- How depressing it was to watch Joe in that state. The sweat on his forehead kept making my eyes water.
- David's lame attempts to save his over-tanned skin in all the Joe drama.

Take the scenic route. Check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Peter said...

Superb is the word. I recorded these episodes to watch the football and i watched them this morning and i loved them from start to finish.

The whole painkiller dependency storyline has been pretty well done i have to say and this 'tipping point' in the storyline which we saw was delivered perfectly. There has been a lot of criticism on this blog for Joe in this storyline. He was virtually always listed as a 'lowlight' for "anything involving him". That was harsh because Reese Dinsdale has played the part totally believably. Written delicately as well. You can't help but feel for him and the way he kept repeating "I'v only got a bad back.." was almost heartbreaking for Gail and Tina if not Joe himself. Fantatstic. My only gripe with those scenes was how nobody went in to help Gail, not knowing what the sitaution was. Not even Kevin. Normally he would be straight in but has probably had enough hassle for a few weeks now.

The dialogue was great tonight. Pam and Bill in the bar talking about thingy singing what d'you me call it. Sophie and Sally referrign to Liz Hurley and THAT dress. Sally popping it back in there on the street to Audrey!

The way Tony threatened Michelle was brilliant stuff. Michelle has always been fair to him, so you could just how incredulous she was at what he was saying. Enjoyed that a lot. As i did with Rosie going for Michelle. As if Miss Webster would stand a chance!

Loving Anna Windass. She tries so hard and she just wants things to 'just right'. She has done a truly wonderful thing by Chesney i feel and is desperate to right the wrongs from were Gary strayed.

Tvor said...

I think David giving Audrey his version wasn't lame at all. It was a pre-emptive strike. He knows it's very possible that Joe is going to accuse him of withholding his drugs and paying David to get them etc. David can now use this "helping" story as the "truth" and make Joe's accusations look like the rantings of an addict. There's just enough of the truth in there, see. David did take Joe's pills and he did dole them out one at a time.

Clare said...

Love love loved Friday's eps. SO SO SO SO good. I agree with all your highlights. Plus i did laugh at the zing comment, as i say that i real life lol.

I thought Reese and Helen were amazing last night!

Unknown said...

I just felt David telling Joe's story was "lame" because no one really seems to care about what he has to say anymore. I know why he did it, and how manipulative it was. Even if people thought he was right, they don't seem to care, because Tina and Gail care more about Joe's well-being rather than about whether or not David was "right" or "involved." In that sense, it was lame.

Roxanne said...

Yoork! Great review, and I'm loving your picture captions as ever! It was a real tear jerker last night, esp the bit where Joe said to Tina that he used to try and get her to go to sleep!

But gail! come on woman! Are there really people out there that would sit there all doe eyed, going "Oh joe..." whilst their partner smashed up their workplace with a crowbar? I want to hear her SHOUTING! Argh! Come on gail!

Anyway, i don't like tony but i agree with him for once about michelle. Yeah, tony, you tell her- sling yer hook! Oh, and some great Rosie-baiting too. It's all good.

I agree with peter- sometimes we don't like characters, simply because they play their part too well- reece and grey o'brien being a case in point. Kym marsh not being a case in point...

Unknown said...

@ Roxanne - thanks. And that part with Joe and Tina, the tear-jerker role-reversal. It reminded of a book called 'Love You Forever', by Robert Munsch. It tells of how a young mother takes home her newborn son and watches him grown until she's an old woman, and he's cradling her in his arms. Oh, that books makes my eyes water!

Tracyluv said...

Very good episodes and good on Tony to tell Michelle to find herself elsewhere to live, why on earth does she think she and her half wit son can carry on living there rent free now Maria has the baby and bringing men back, the nerve of the woman! Gail carries on being too spinelss for words, I mean stand by your man by all means but lay down and let him walk all over you and then some? What was Tina doing almost attacking the police when they came out with Joe, that and her incredibly thick behaviour in the auction room, I am really beginning to dislike her. The Windasses were great and I am really warming to them, not great to see Uncle Len back though.

Clare said...

"good on Tony to tell Michelle to find herself elsewhere to live, why on earth does she think she and her half wit son can carry on living there rent free now Maria has the baby and bringing men back, the nerve of the woman!"

I agree with you in a sense but it was so not Tony's place to say. If Maria wanted her to move on then faie enough but then there's mr.possessive sticking his beak in, yet again!

Peter said...

I have to say i really like the Windasses (as i said earlier) even Gary, but Uncle Len is repulsive. That swagger when he walks with his hands in his pockets really riles me. I want him gone. Like to see him get hit by a bus on Rosamund Street when he is harrassing Joe! Though i imagine he might have something to do with Joe's exit storyline.

Billy Niblick said...

Surely David Platt has totally run out of all credibility as far as his family is concerned? As soon as he began his story to Audrey with the oh-so-familiar "It's all gonna come out anyway so you might as well hear from me rather than Joe giving you his twisted version of it all......" then the alrm bells should have been sounding in Audrey's head. But apparently, they weren't. Amazingly. He now has such a history of lies, deceit, and deception going all the way back to Phil the Foot-Fiddler and even before that, that no-one should be affording him any credibility whatsoever.


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