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Friday 28 August 2009

Lost Belongings: Thu Aug 27, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Chris Fewtrell, directed by Durno Johnston.

Roy has some bad news for Claire: the two tickets to Paris he had donated are expired. But he has offered a prize of which he thinks is of equal value: an LNER whistle and cap. Gee, doesn't exactly have the same wow-factor as a trip to Paris, does it? Heck, it doesn't have the same wow-factor as a mop and bucket. Anyway, Claire is dismayed and tries fruitlessly to get another donation of equal value. Ashley donates his prize collector's boxing gloves as the top prize. Claire is very happy with this, and him. Is he ever going to tell the truth? Surely this has gone on long enough.

Eileen is having her patience tested with John, Jesse's bird. She was at home wanting to enjoy her tea in peace and quiet, not realising it was John's "recreation time." John had a hold of the remote, then Eileen got a hold of Jesse. In more ways than one! I tell ya, for all the trouble he causes her, he must be good at something!

David's still seething over his beating. David acknowledges to Gail that he doesn't think Jason beat him, and calls the cops to get Jason off the hook. The Platts enter the cafe where the Windasses are having their breakfast. They go to leave, but Anna plays peacemaker and they stay. Are the flames waning, or just starting? Gary later warns David not to rattle his cage again. Meanwhile, Joe has found Tina's bracelet behind some skirting. They realise David didn't take it after all. Doesn't mean their opinions of him have changed any, I'll bet.

Now, on to the real story of this episode. Ramsay breaks the news to Norris about him wanting to live in Victoria Court. Not only that, but he wants Norris to move in WITH him. Well, Norris is having none of that, and utters some very rude things to Ramsay: He does not have a brother, never had a brother, and never will have a brother. His family is dead. Long dead. Ouch! Is it possible to die of a broken heart? Ramsay decides to return to Australia after Norris threatens to find a new residency. The street isn't big enough for the two of them, according to Norris. Emily tearfully and passionately tells Ramsay that he can't leave, not like that. Ramsay asks for a family portrait of he and Norris before he leaves. Emily takes a polaroid of a proud Ramsay and a dismayed Norris. It's time to say goodbye, and Norris comes out of his house to shake Ramsay's hand and bid him goodbye on the street. Emily gives Ramsay an emotional goodbye, and a pendant to help him on his journey. Then, just like that, Ramsay gets into a cab and drives off the street and out of our lives, leaving a tearful Emily with only Rita to console her.

How tragic it must be to have been searching for belonging your entire life, then to find yourself in your December years, so close to attaining it just to have another door slammed in your face. Then to end up wondering if you'll ever feel belonging in your lifetime at all. I just couldn't bear to watch Emily's face, and this was one of the saddest endings I've seen on this show in quite some time. Perhaps since the death of Mike Baldwin.


- Ashley being a stand-up husband. Too bad it took him a load of guilt to get there.
- Eileen's budding relationship with John the parrot!
- Emily's fry-up! Didn't that look delicious? Screw Pam's sandwiches, she could give Roy's a run for their money!
- The on-going "Dev?" joke when Norris tells people he was up half the night with The Grocer.
- Ramsay telling Emily that he enjoyed their friendship, and how much he'll miss her. Star-crossed lovers.
- Eileen Derbyshire (Emily Bishop) is one fantastic actress and really got to remind us all this episode, too bad it was to her character's loss.

- Claire not even being appreciative towards Roy for his alternative sacrifice to her raffle. Sure,
it's useless, but it means something to him and she's just plain rude sometimes.
- Norris accusing Emily of being a geriatric Holly-Go-Lightly. He's out of line!
- Ramsay asking Norris for a family portrait, and the look of irritation and indifference on Norris' face! It sickens me to look at that "family portrait."
- Poor Emily! Didn't your heart just break in two seeing her having to let Ramsay go? She should have just put her foot down and let Norris go. What do they keep him around for anyway? Doesn't she have enough crosses to bear? That woman is a saint.
- Norris, Norris, Norris. I have zero sympathy for this character now. I've just about had enough. Norris Cole is a terrible cold-hearted man that I cannot abide by.
- Poor Ramsay, may he find peace and belonging eventually.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Defrost Indoors said...

Norris has always been a petulant little git, but I don't see how Emily could let him stand in the way of what she wanted. :(

Tracyluv said...

Yes I agree I have really gone off Norris, from being a petty, albeit harmless enough, old woman with some witty repartee he has turned into a nasty, selfish, really quite unpleasant heartless character.

Billy Niblick said...

Have to agree. If Norris Cole was an unsympathetic character before, then he's irredeemably beyond the pale now. And for what? Half- brother Ramsay was a delightful, courtly, polite, and warm man with nothing but friendship on his agenda. Yet Norris treated him like he was Peter Sutcliffe on the tenuous and probably totally spurious basis of Ramsay's entirely understandable attempts to make contact with his natural mother coinciding with their mother's death.

Utterly shameful stuff. I only hope that Norris hets rightly excoriated and shunned by Emily & Rita when the news of Ramsay's death breaks.

Tvor said...

I never liked Norris. Ever. He gave me the creeps when he was first on the show with "Dirk" and Mavis and though he doesn't creep me out now he's older he's still as dislikeable as ever. He's had the occasional good line but i have never found him funny on the whole. This isn't to say his portrayer, Malcom Hebden isn't really good at his job, because he certainly is.

Llifon said...

Great episode, and Eileen Derbyshire deserves to have an award for her acting. And I think this is going to be one of the strongest storylines of the year, equal to the Colin/Eileen/Julie/Rita saga.

Anonymous said...

Well, one thing's for sure - Norris has a lot of atoning to do!

Anonymous said...

What a horrible little man. He never seems to get punished for his ways off Emily and it's very very frustrating. From Reading confidential letters of Emily's to Ruining her love-life, I don't know why she lets him stay.


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