Sunday, 23 August 2009

Corrie weekly awards for week of August 17 - 21

Kitchen accessory of the week: This bright, cheery ceramic toast holder of Sally's.

Rat "Bar Steward" of the week: Tin Star: DC Hooch for all his dirty deeds done dirt cheap. He even took a bribe from Steve and legged it with it. No witnesses, of course.

Ironic award: Gold Star: Liz... moaning and raving about *her* name over the door and "their" living going down the pan. So where have you been for all these months, blondie?
Silver Star: David. This time he really didn't do it (nick Tina's bracelet) but everyone thinks he did.

Sour Grapes award: Norris: Doesn't want Ramsay around but feels snubbed when he leaves! Just an excuse to sack him, really.

Miracle cure of the week: Joe's back is just fine now, thanks. Even good enough for heavy lifting. Did you see him practically dancing around that flat? And Suck up of the week... Also Joe, who's making breakfast in bed the minute after he finds out Gail isn't so sure she wants him around anymore. And slagging off her son isn't going to convince her otherwise.

Lines of the Week:

Jim: "I'll see you soon, Elizabeth." (They still have that old Black Magic together, don't they?)

Claire about her support group: "It makes me feel like I'm doing something useful." (Um, the last support group you were in? Crazy woman tried to take over your life! I'd steer clear, luv!)

Steve: "I love trouble. Bring me trouble" (And he's right! Steve's middle name is Trouble and it always has been).

David about Joe: "He's a mentalist" (Pots and kettles, anyone?)

Eileen to Jesse: "Well! If it isn't General Custard! Literally!"

Graeme: "I've done fire. It's time I moved on to Earth"


Flaming Nora said...

Great stuff, Tvor! Sally's toast rack is the same design as our kitchen blinds (from John Lewis!).

Yoork said...

That toast holder is great!

I don't eat bread, so I use my toast holder for napkins!

I thought it was a nice gesture for Joe to make Gail breakfast. But Gail already made up her mind.

Old Black Magic indeed!

I don't know who loves trouble more: Steve or Gail!

Tracyluv said...

Excellent as ever Tvor!

Sorry York disagree about the making breakfast for Gail gesture, too little too late imo. He has brought nothing but trouble and contributed little, apart from a cheap kitchen!

We need Jim back to keep Elizabeth in check, she is getting a bit above herself for someone who disappeared for months and left it to Becky (with Steve).

Jessee has to be one of the most boring characters ever - a real disappointment.

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