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Tuesday 25 August 2009

Black Eye & Broken Heart: Mon Aug 24, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Daran Little (7:30) and Simon Crowther (8:30), directed by Durno Johnston.

Rita notices Emily is down since Ramsay will be leaving to go back to Australia. Rita takes it upon herself to tell Ramsay that he'll be very missed, especially by one person. She means Emily, but I can't help but wondering if Ramsay is thinking Norris. I can't tell, since he always looks gobsmacked. At Rita's suggestion, Ramsay has found a flat at Victoria Court, but decides he must tell Norris later, when the time is right. Which is never, but okay.

Ramsay takes Emily to place flowers on Ernest's grave. Ramsay tells Emily about his childhood abandonment as an illegitimate child by his and Norris' mother. Norris never even knew of his existence when they first met. Emily is very adamant that Norris cannot continue to punish Ramsay. She also tells Ramsay that he's won her over. In more ways than one...

Claire has found a grand prize for the raffle at her fete, thanks to Ashley who convinced Roy to donate the Paris Vacation that Eddie Windass won on his behalf, that he was too principled to go on. Ashley wins points for this, as Claire sends him a seductive text message and is waiting for him at home in a full lingerie outfit that looks as though it came right out of Rosie Websters day-wear wardrobe. So much for those points when he avoids the situation by pretending not to get the text, and bringing Graeme along. When is he going to just tell her the truth?

Gail and Joe rekindle their romance, much to Audrey and David's chagrin. David's busy trying to figure out who battered him. First it was Joe, then it was Jason. David's goes to the police station and fingers Jason. Jason gets taken away, then released since there's no evidence. Jason is upset that Tina didn't believe he was telling the truth first, but they get back on steady ground after a row in the street between the Platt's and the Grimshaw's again. There was shoving, slapping and hateful words tossed around.

At the same time, Jesse tells Eileen that he's been chucked out of his mum's place and would like to take her up on her offer to move in. He's a little Johnny-Come-Lately to me. Speaking of which, he brings with him John, his pet parrot. John instantly hates Eileen, and Jesse thinks it's a bad sign, since John only hates bad people. Well, I guess they'll just have to find someone else to be best man at their wedding! LOL.

Just as David is still believing that Jason was the one who beat him up, who should he see come out of the kebab shop? My favorite ginger-man, Gary Windass, that's who! Fresh from prison. David mocks Gary for having to spend his summer in jail. Gary tells David he'll never get back Summer '09. David realizes that Gary must be the one responsible for his battering. Gary tells him he only got out of prison that morning, so it couldn't have been him. Then he throws out a wink at David. How sly!


- Emily's joy when Ramsay tells her he's moving into Victoria Court.
- Emily and Ramsay's intimate conversations at the cemetery. (I know that sounds wrong, but it was so right.)
- Gail and Eileen's cat fight. Me-ow!
- Seeing Jesse's parrot John, he's really cute!
- Gary Windass back on the street, and his sly wink at David after claiming his innocence in David's beating.

- Norris hating his life. Although, he had a chance with Mary to make a good go of it, but gave it up.
- Poor Claire all decked out in her best gear and Ashley embarrassing and lying to her. He's so spineless!
- Tina being so rude to Norris when he was only trying to help her out. Is she nice to anyone?
- Audrey's poor treatment of Joe. She can be so meddling sometimes. The guy's doing his best, and Gail happens to LIKE his best.
- Jesse only taking Eileen up on her offer to move in, AFTER he gets chucked out of his mum's! I thought that was pathetic.
- Tina not trusting Jason, and thinking he's the type of guy to jump someone and beat them defenselessly. Jason's our street White Knight!
- Eileen having to put up with a man who cares more about his parrots opinion of her, than his own.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Tvor said...

Rita takes it upon herself to tell Ramsay that he'll be very missed, especially by one person
He should have replied....Que??

And if Jesse's mother forgives him, he'll be back like a shot.

Tracyluv said...

Let me understand this one, Ramsay's appalling treatment by his half brother Norris is because Ramsay had the audacity to be illegitimate? Is this the 19th century? Norris should hang his head in shame to treat a blood relative in this way, I didnt think people still behaved like this! I have gone off Norris a bit lately, this shows an unpleasant side to him.

Tvor said...

He was illegitimate and wanted to know his mother and family but his mother didn't want to know. Norris blames Ramsay for his mother's early death, he reckons from the shock of meeting Ramsay though it took place a year later.


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