Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Bev Callard interview: Johnny, baby Susie and the return of Big Jim

How has Liz been feeling about the situation with her and Johnny?
Liz has been really conflicted, she has had a few men in her time but she has never had an affair with a married man. She is very moral but she has really fallen for Johnny, she has tried to tell him that she has no feelings for him to try and put a stop to it.

What are her thoughts about his fight for baby Susie?
She understands what he is going through but she really does think that Susie should be with Eva. He knows he is angry with Jenny for saying that so she is trying to be careful about what she says. She had told him about Susie falling off the sofa and that went terribly wrong for her so she knows she has to watch what she says. It is tricky because she wants to support him.

Does she feel guilty about him telling her how angry he is with Jenny?
Yes she does, she doesn’t take any pleasure in him talking about the problems with his marriage. She feels uncomfortable about it.

What happens when Susie goes missing?
Susie has gone missing from her crib and Johnny is also missing then Liz discovers that her keys for the pub are missing. She tells Kate and when Kate and Jenny search Johnny’s flat they realise he hasn’t taken his MS Medication with him. Everyone is really worried.

Is Liz surprised to hear from Johnny?
Yes she is but she is glad that he has called her as she was very worried about him.

What does she do?
She knows that she has to go and see him as she thinks she is the best person to persuade him to come back. The police are looking for him and Eva is all over the media with her police appeal so time is against her.

What does she say to him when she gets there?
When she gets there he totally breaks down, he can’t bear the thought of losing his granddaughter. She tries to convince him that he has to give himself up but he just won’t listen.

Does Liz realise she is going to get into trouble for what she is doing?
Yes she is in a really difficult position because she wants to help Johnny but she knows he is in a lot of trouble. She knows it is only a matter of time before people put two and two together, as she has also now disappeared, and think that she was in on it all along.

How does she feel when he asks her to run away with him?
She is shocked when he suggests running away to Spain with him and they can bring up Susie together, she knows in her heart that is just not going to be possible but Johnny is not thinking straight at all.

Have you enjoyed this storyline?
I’ve really enjoyed it, I am very lucky to be working with such great actors. We’ve seen a different side to Liz and that’s great.

Do you prefer the high drama or the comedy?
What’s great about playing Liz is that I get to do both, I love working in the medical centre, sometimes me and Louisa who plays Moira can’t keep a straight face.

Are you looking forward to Jim coming back?
I am so excited about working with Charlie again, Liz and Jim have such a complex relationship and I am really looking forward to the storyline surrounding his return.   More details here on Jim McDonald's return.

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Laura said...

She has played the character, so I guess she would be the expert, but I thought she had cheated with a married man before. I can't remember the details, but who was she with when she ended up in her underwear on a balcony because his wife (or maybe girlfriend) showed up? There have definitely been a few times when Liz's moral compass was spinning, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Liz is very moral? What about when she cheated on Vernon? Plus there was the married man that Laura has mentioned, which may or may not be the same one I am thinking on.

Tashacat said...

I am amazed she’s even still working at the Medical Centre, considering she has twice breached patient confidentiality. Once is a sackable offence. Do not Pass Go.

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